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Pokemon Sinnoh Chronicles

Pokemon Sinnoh Chronicles
Name: Pokemon Sinnoh Chronicles CIA
Remade by: Flying fish 会飞的鱼🐠🐠
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source link: ???
Pokemon Sinnoh Chronicles is a ROM hack game of Pokemon Emerald. It is currently in an Beta in Chinese.

It is a GBA Hack ROM and It’s Pokemon Platinum Remade Version. It’s similar to Pokemon Platinum but you play it on GBA. Really. It’s true.

1. The map and plot of the Sinnoh region
2. Beautified map blocks, battle background, and UI
3. The engine pokeemerald-expansion is used, and the characteristics of Pokémon and moves are synchronized to the 8th generation.
4. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum BGM is used.
5. The day and night system is added. The distribution of wild Pokémon, town BGM, and battle background change according to day and night time. Switch
6. System optimization for future generations, including refillable spray, unlimited use of TM, bag partition expansion, etc. The source code comes from pokeemerald-expansion engine, github open source project, public tutorials, and written by myself.
7. The new Sinnoh region illustrated book is greatly expanded based on the Platinum 210 Edition Sinnoh illustrated book.

Progress: 1 gym, can pass through Eterna Forest

Version: 1.0.1
Progress: Can pass through Eterna Forest, 1 gym
Update time: July 12, 2023
update content:
–Fixed some dialogue and map movement permission bugs
–Added dialogue with following NPC
–Added a plot of walking with Bami through the EMI Forest. Currently, only trainer battles will become multi-player battles while Jami is traveling with him. Battles with wild Pokémon are still single battles, but wild Pokémon can also recover Pokémon after the battle.
–Modified the image of the map name pop-up window

Version: 1.0
Progress: Can pass through Eterna Forest, 1 gym
Update time: July 4, 2023
update content:
–Replace the blueprint with the emerald decompilation project pokeemerald and use the engine pokeemerald-expansion
–Reset the map and plot of version 0.75, and added the map and plot from Huayuan Town to the north of Route 205
–Reset Dr. Yamanashi’s opening introduction
–Added day and night switching of music, battle background, and wild Pokémon types
–Modified the interface of Pokémon status, bags, and trainer cards
–Regional illustrations have been modified, the total number is currently 184
— System modifications that are fragmented and inconvenient to list in full

This game is a GBA Hack ROM! It’s Beta in Chinese!

Pokemon Sinnoh Chronicles
Cheat Codes
v1.0.1 (Beta)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—–

Pokemon Sinnoh Chronicles v1.0.1 CIA (Beta)

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