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Pokemon Close Combat

Pokemon Close Combat
Name: Pokemon Close Combat exe
Remade by: BattleCapacity
Source link: https://www.youtube.com/@capfight
Pokemon Close Combat exe is a simple fighting game made by BattleCapacity with a unique all fighting-type cast.

Gameplay Changes Demo 07a
With guarding strategies having seen a major increase in effectiveness recently, trainers may have been getting a bit too cocky, as our Pokémon combatants have begun to adapt to these changes. In particular, guard health doesn’t regenerate fully after a knockdown anymore. Watch the skies for any fierce looking orange birds, especially if you’ve just been napping on the ground.

Many Mienshao trainers have been arrested under suspicion of illegal combo usage, though all of them insist this is simply due to what they call a Mienshao Rework! Bewear trainers have been also been seen using some new techniques, including an entirely new move! We’re hard at work getting the details on the new Bewear Rework as well.

The aforementioned Mienshao players have been released from jail with the issuing of a new executive order, titled ‘Demo 07a’, preventing any of them from using some particularly suspect combos. Various other changes have been made to combatants with outstanding issues as well. While the patch notes for this release may be relatively short, they’re all very significant!

This game is a Fan-made Game! It’s Beta and Playable in English!

Pokemon Close Combat

Pokemon Close Combat v0.7 (Playable)