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Pokemon Pivot Platinum

Pokemon Pivot Platinum
Name: Pokemon Pivot Platinum
Remade by: StormTargaryen
Based on: Pokemon Platinum
Source link: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/comments/179lh8f/new_romhack_pokemon_pivot_platinum/
This a RomHack of Pokémon Platinum that is made to make the game more unique and challenging. If you’re looking for a playthrough of Platinum with way more variety, more balanced Pokemon, New typings, and increased difficulty:

Changes include:
#1: ALL POKEMON HAVE RECEIVED A TYPE CHANGE Whether that means a Pokémon lost a type, gained a type, or had one its types switched, almost every Pokémon will be a different type than you remember. (Exceptions being: Castform, Shedinja, Arceus as to not mess with their abilities)
#2: ALL POKEMON NOW HAVE 2 ABILITIES On top of everything having two abilities, almost EVERY Pokémon has had at least 1/2 abilities changed

#3: EVERY TRAINER HAS AT LEAST 3 POKEMON, BOSS TRAINERS HAVE FULL TEAMS OF 6. Additionally, Boss Trainers (Rivals, Evil Team leaders, etc.) will have increasingly more held items throughout the game.

#4: *MOST POKEMON HAVE BUFFS/NERFS TO BASE STATS All Pokémon are competitively balanced, and are made to be viable. Legendaries/Mythicals/Pseudos have been significantly nerfed to be on the same level as other Pokémon. Weaker Pokémon have been buffed.
#5: MANY POKEMON HAVE EVOLUTION CHANGES This is to make the gameplay much smoother. These evolution changes are mainly making Pokémon evolve by level up, or by Stone, as opposed to Trading or Day/Night cycles.

Question #1: Is there Fairy type in the game?
Answer: Sadly, no. I tried implementing it, but it was a bit too wonky.

Question #2: Are the New Gen Pokémon added to the game?
Answer: No, I wanted the game to feel like you’re playing Platinum in an alternate timeline, as opposed to a more Rad Red style game.

Question #3: Is there an alternate story/new Boss trainers similar to Renegade Platinum?
Answer: No, I wanted to make sure the game felt different from RenPlat specifically. SO the story and Boss fights happen the same way, however Boss trainers are significantly more challenging.

Question#4: Why are many of the Trainer Names bugged with “??????????”
Answer: I didn’t realize the VERY small character limit also applies to enemy trainers, and for ALOT of the enemy trainers I made their names references to people’s usernames from my community. I will fix this in the next version of the game, but for now it will be a pretty common bug.

Question#5: Are all Gen 1-4 Pokémon available to be caught in this game?
Answer: Yes!! All 493 Pokemon are available in at least one route/area in this game!

Question#6: Are there any edited shops/NPCs that give Rare Candies?
Answer: No, I couldn’t figure out how to add that in, unfortunately. Instead, here is the Action Replay code you can load into Desmume for max Rare Candies (press L + R).

Make sure to use this code AFTER you get any potions in game. If not it will glitch out your Medicine pouch when not in battle
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E0000B60 000000A0
03E70032 00000000
D2000000 00000000

This game is an NDS Hack ROM! It’s Completed in English!

Pokemon Pivot Platinum

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Pivot Platinum Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Pivot Platinum v1.1 (Completed)

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