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Pokemon Hyper Emerald V.5 – Lost Artifacts

Pokemon Hyper Emerald V.5 - Lost Artifacts
Name: Pokemon Hyper Emerald V.5 – Lost Artifacts
Remade by: Satochu, Popy, wwwww, Desvol, and his team
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source link: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7664927316
Hei, Tervetuloa takaisin Ducumonin verkkosivustolle ja olen Pokemoner. Pelaamme Satochun, Popyn, wwwww:n, Desvolin ja hänen tiiminsä Pokemon Hyper Emerald V – Rainbow Eraseria! Meillä ei ole pitkään aikaan ollut uutta päivitystä tähän peliin. Lähetin liian monta versiota tästä pelistä. Nyt voit tuntea Pokemon Ultra Emeraldin tämän pelin muodossa.

Tässä pelissä on liian monia ominaisuuksia, kuten Mega Evolution, Z-liikkeet, Gigantamax taistelussa, Pokemon – Moves – kyvyt sukupolveen 8 asti, kova tila, enemmän sidequest ja paljon muuta… Se on valmis kiinaksi, enkä käännä Tämä peli, koska en itse asiassa ymmärrä kiinaa liikaa. Olen huolissani, jos käännän sen, siinä on virheitä. Ja nyt, leikitään!

Game Features:
1. Combat AI has been strengthened across generations.
2. An original plot with a higher degree of completion.
3. All 898 Pokémon up to Sword and Shield are gathered, but there are still a few original Pokémon.
4. All 8th generation features have been completed, including familiar mirror armor, chemical gases, etc.
5. All 8 generations of moves such as Grass Slide, Behemoth Slash, etc. have been completed, and the skill animations have been completed.
6. All 8 generations of props have been completed. Now you can use characteristic capsules and characteristic plasters to modify the characteristics. Wild flashes are saved.
7. All skill machines and skill teaching are synchronized to the 8th generation, corresponding to all move learners and move records of Sword and Shield. Among them, all the teaching skills in Ultra Emerald are the move recorders in Sword and Shield, and the over 100 move learners in Ultra Emerald are all the teaching skills in Sword and Shield.
8. Complete Mega evolution, Gigantamax and Z skill system.
9. A learning device synchronized with the characteristics of the sixth generation. All Pokémon in battle will receive 100% experience points, and Pokémon not in battle will receive 50% experience points. Effort points will be earned by the entire team.
10. There are two major regions: Hoenn and Sinnoh, as well as the different world of the Ultimate Cave. There are a total of 16 gyms and three major alliances waiting for you to challenge!

11. The Sinnoh region has transportation functions between towns.
12. Like Sword and Shield, the order of Pokémon’s shots in battle is calculated in real time. (Changes in props will also affect the real-time calculation of the shot sequence)
13. Introducing the Pokémon training level mechanism. Because trainers and Pokémon are in a relationship of mutual choice, and one does not unilaterally enslave the other, player trainers have their own training levels. Pokémon above this level cannot gain experience, are disobedient in battle, and trainers cannot capture Pokémon above this level. Player trainers need to constantly challenge gyms and alliances to improve their training levels to control more powerful Pokémon.
14. The ability value interface displays character bonus (red + blue -).
15. The four major venues have corresponding battle backgrounds, and the final battle has an exclusive battle background.
16. In order to make it easier for players to better train Pokémon, the individual effort value viewer has been moved forward to the first week to obtain it. At the same time, the Power Wristband series props have been added to Shuijing City Mall.
17. In order to avoid problems caused by modification of individual values, the function of modifying individual Pokémon in the Ultra League has been cancelled, and a method of obtaining Variety Monsters that will increase individual values ​​has been added in the game.
18. The rigor of the egg hatching ratio and gender ratio of offspring has been further improved, but only with the correct egg hatching process. In order to cultivate more effectively, please learn the correct egg hatching method, and do not believe hearsay [Note: Whether it is the original work or this article There is no such thing as egg testing].
19. Add riding devices, news searchers and other convenient props. Among them, the news searcher can help you pinpoint the location of wandering Pokémon without obtaining picture book information.
20. The secret learner has been optimized. You can use it after you get the corresponding badge and your Pokémon can learn it (but the flash still needs to be used through the old method).

21. The cultivation house removes experience gain and adds the function of using genetic moves in Sword and Shield. However, if the transferee of the inherited move already has 4 skills, the existing skills need to be forgotten manually to free up a slot.
22. The price of props has been optimized, and all tree fruits such as attribute resistance fruit and Shaktuo fruit have been added.
23. For formula battles with difficulty above normal (gym and alliance, etc.), backpacks are prohibited, first-level gods and fantasy beasts are prohibited, and racial regulations and prop regulations are followed. (The recovery props in the backpack will no longer be automatically transferred to the computer)
24. Every time the trainer fights, the props will be restored to before the battle.
25. When saving progress, you will be prompted that the space for regular props remains.
26. Brand new trainer cards.
27. Pokémon with special characteristics such as Koga Ninja and the Tie Transformation characteristic have independent methods to obtain them and are no longer regarded as a common characteristic.
28. Weather changes during combat will continue outside of combat.
29. The lineup of the museum owner and alliance has been strengthened, and the operation is more flexible.
30. A large number of side tasks are waiting for you to explore every detail of this land.

31. Add lottery mechanisms such as headbutting trees, from which you can obtain various things.
32. Both types of bicycles and two partner Pokémon can be obtained as the game progresses.
33. The evolution of communication is back, experience the joy of exchange with friends or “friends”. (The alternative originally set up to replace Communication Evolution will be cancelled)
34. Surfing and Diving will use new Pokémon mount images.
35. More rivals, stronger opponents.
36. Added new team battle, fight with legendary trainers!
37. Ordinary singles (63) and ordinary doubles (64), which are the same as the official rules, will be added to the game plot process.
38. A new special mode battle will be added to the game plot process. (Such as mirroring, randomization, etc.)
39. After the plot reaches a certain level of completion, you can repeatedly challenge powerful opponents in the past plot on your home game console on the second floor.
40. The house in the upper right corner of Dawu’s private park allows you to interact with the Ultra Emerald team, and also hides some information…

This game is a GBA Hack ROM! It’s Completed in Chinese!

Pokemon Hyper Emerald V.5 - Lost Artifacts

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