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Pokemon Heart Ash

Pokemon Heart Ash
Name: Pokemon Heart Ash
Remade by: Kensuyjin33
Based on: Pokemon Heart Gold
Source link: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/8127/
Has anyone ever wondered what Ash / Satoshi would be like in a Pokemon game?

Below will share the work this humble servant did that he was able to incorporate into his favorite game of the franchise to play on his Twitch channel.

play as Ash in pokemon HeartGold NOW!

All Gold / Ethan “Overworld” sprites have been changed to Ash / Satoshi sprites, including the following animations:
– idle – walking – running – cycling – surfing – HM/TM – Save

An alternate costume has been added for the Team Rocket base infiltration chapter inspired by the Team Rocket costume from the anime that includes all of the above animations.
The battle sprite with all the animations of throwing Pokeball and sending the pokemon into battle was changed for Ash.
if you use pokesav to get pikachu you can have a nostalgic experience.

There are still some changes to do, like editing the trainer card or VS image for Ash, but all the main things are covered (overworld sprites and Battle sprites).

some bug (nothing serious): There is a visual bug at the start of the battle transition in some parts, the creator of this patch is an artist so not much could be done about it, however the art is considered to cover enough to make the experience engaging. hope you enjoy it and that the quality of the art is to everyone’s liking.

This game is a GBA Hack ROM! It’s Completed in Spanish!

Pokemon Heart Ash

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Pokemon Heart Ash Cheat Codes
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