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Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu Returns
Name: Detective Pikachu Returns
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Detective Pikachu Returns on Creaturesin kehittämä ja The Pokémon Companyn ja Nintendon julkaisema seikkailupeli Nintendo Switchille. Se julkistettiin ensimmäisen kerran lehdistötiedotteessa vuonna 2019 yhdessä Pokémon Home -sovellusten kanssa, ja se on jatkoa vuoden 2016 Detective Pikachulle Nintendo 3DS:lle.

Unravel a series of mysteries across Ryme City with a tough-talking, coffee-loving Pikachu and his human partner, Tim Goodman. When a jewel theft occurs, the case sets this great detective duo down a path filled with mystery. Why did Tim’s father, Harry, go missing? What is causing the Pokémon-related incidents around Ryme City? Answer these questions and more by searching for clues, investigating scenes, and using your case notebook to make deductions.

This game is a Switch ROM.

Detective Pikachu Returns

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Detective Pikachu Returns Cheat Codes
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