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Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition

Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition
Name: Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Hedgeus
Source – Credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=501025
Pokémon Emerald Encore (Once called Emerald+) is a hack of Emerald that seeks to touch up some of the game while preserving the original feel. This include buffing weaker Pokémon, adding buffs that came from future generations, and tweaking a handful of Trainers. Certain Pokémon have gotten type changes, their availability altered, and a small group of older Pokémon have been added to flesh out the region a bit more.
The intention of this hack is to give most mons a function, rather than make every Pokémon viable.

Rebalanced Mons
Most useless abilities like Sturdy or Illuminate have been replaced with more usable ones.
Certain Pokémon, like Glalie, have gained an additional typing to help them stand out.
Many Pokémon have had stats buffed, swapped or redistributed to make them more usable/niche filling.
A large amount of Pokémon have gotten moveset changes, with hopefully more to come in the future. For example, the Treecko line has access to Dragon moves by level-up.
Trade evolutions have been changed, as well as some more annoying evo requirements, like Feebas and the baby Pokémon.

Minor Difficulty Tweaks
A handful of important trainers have been slightly tweaked to be less or a pushover or more unique. This includes Roxanne and Wally.
More changes are planned for future releases as well, Like Maxie and Wallace.

This game is a GBA Hack ROM. It’s completed in English.

Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition
This game doesn’t have anything to the graphics so I don’t make a gameplay!
Cheat Code:
Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition Cheat Codes
Pokemon Emerald+ Pokemon Stat and Type Changes
Pokemon Emerald+ Abilities Changes
Pokemon Emerald+ Route Changes
Pokemon Emerald+ Gym Changes
Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition v2 (Completed)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS below—-

Pokemon Emerald Encore Edition v2 CIA (Completed)