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Digimon Adventure TCG

Digimon Adventure TCG
Name: Digimon Adventure TCG
Remake From: Pokemon TCG
Remake by: Guzeinbuick
Source – Credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=501014
That’s right boyos. It’s the Pokemon TCG. But with Digimon.

All Pokemon swapped out for Digimon
All attacks shuffled and reworked for improved balance
Less coin flips for increased strategizing
Evolution cards buffed to be worth the investment
All types balanced– every type has exactly 1 weakness and 1 resistance in order to force Deck diversity
Fighting and Psychic replaced with new “Earth” and “Dark” types, respectively
Minor dialogue tweaks
Streamlined attack descriptions, as follows:
“Inflicts Blindness.” – Refers to the effect caused by attacks such as Smokescreen or Sand Attack in the original game. Afflicted Digimon must flip a heads to land an attack.
“Inflicts Passivity” – Refers to the effect caused by attacks such as Leer or Tail Wag in the original game. Afflicted Digimon cannot execute an attack.
“Bestows Immunity” – Protects user from all damage next turn.
“Bestows Absolute Immunity” – Protects user from all effects (including damage) of attacks next turn.

Known Glitches:
No game-breaking glitches discovered as of yet. Although there are few awkward moments:
There are two different Tortomon cards, but they both share the same sprite. Likewise, there are three different Azulongmon sprites, but two of them share the same sprite. The reason for this is simply because too many unique sprites, each with 4 different colours, took up too much data/space.
Here and there you may find a few cards with leftover text from their old Pokemon counterparts. Sorry about that.
Yes, I know I forgot to change Starmie’s name to Frigimon. I’m too lazy to change it. Rest assured, I’m sure I’ll get lots of comments about it…

One of the Thundermons has a glitched colour palette. Fixing that would mean recompiling the whole game in Cygwin all over again, and then editing each card with EZ Card Editor. So I’ll probably only get to it if I feel the game needs a big overhaul.

“Couldn’t you have gotten a little more creative with the DGMN powers? Many of them are too similar to the base game.”
“Innate” PKMN powers are inherant to the Pokemon card itself, and cannot be divorced from it. Smiliarly, other Pokemon cards cannot share in another’s innate PKMN Power. No matter what, the Digimon that takes up Charizard’s slot will always have Energy Burn, and the one the takes up Blastoise’ slot will always have Rain Dance. This is hard-wired into the coding of the game itself and it will take a better hacker than I am to rewrite it.
“No Megas? No branching evolutionary paths? Wtf??? These are the things that are supposed to make Digimon different from Pokemon!”
I don’t know how to code that. That would be awesome though.
“I thought you were working on Digimon Gold? Where did this suddenly come from?”
Good question lol. I made this on a whim once I discovered PokeTCG is surprisingly easy to work with. Digimon Gold/Crystal (whatever I decide) is on its way though.

This game is a GBC Hack ROM. It’s completed in English.

Digimon Adventure TCG

Cheat Code:
Digimon Adventure TCG Cheat Codes
Digimon Adventure TCG (Completed)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS below—-

Digimon Adventure TCG CIA (Completed)