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Pokemon Armonía

Pokemon Armonía
Name: Pokemon Armonía
Created by: Scept
Source link: https://twitter.com/PkScept
Hei, Tervetuloa takaisin Ducumonin verkkosivustolle ja olen Pokemoner. Tänään pelataan Sceptin Pokemon Armoníaa! Se on fanitehty espanjaksi.

Se on täynnä fakemon- ja alueellisia muotoja, joissa on 8 kuntosalia ja Pokemon League. Siinä on uusi alue ja uusi tarina hyvällä grafiikalla. Se oli espanjaksi beta, kun tein tämän videon. Ja nyt, leikitään!

You have been chosen as a trainee to work alongside Professor Mary Burkea, a renowned scientist tasked with going in search of past relics in the vast region of Safar. There, you must help her in her current investigation, which consists of going in search of the four archaic monoliths, mysterious stone structures which hide the region’s past. All this while you beat the corresponding Gym Leaders, who are the only ones who will give you their permission to access the most hidden areas of Safar. What are you waiting for to start your adventure?

Pokédex full of Fakemon and regional forms (in addition to official Pokémon).
Medal system (8 gyms and a Pokémon league).
Large number of side missions.
Route trainers, backgrounds and a wide variety of fully customized tiles.
Mugshots for important characters (gym leaders, rivals, etc…).

This game is a RPGXP Game! It is Beta in Spanish!

Pokemon Armonía

Pokemon Armonía Beta 2 (Beta)

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