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Pokemoner Sword Randomizer

Nimi: Pokemoner Sword Randomizer
Hakkeroitu: Pokemoner.com
Perustuen: Pokemon Sword
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemoner Sword Randomizer. It’s a Switch Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Sword. I randomized all Pokemon up to Gen 8 and you can catch all.

But some pokemon can’t catch because the Pokemon company locked it. Your starter is Gen 1 starter. The gameplay is harder than the original game. It’s completed now. You can download the patch and patch into your game now. And now, Let’s play!

Generation 1 starter
All Pokemon up to Generation catchable
More Difficultly than the original Game
Trade Evolution is removed

Q: Can I use online mode in this hack?
A: No! Your account will be banned!

Q: I encounter an EGG in the wild! What’s this?
A: It’s a pokemon but Pokemon company locked it and you can catch or do anything. He will run!

Q: How many Pokemon I can catch in this game?
A: You can catch all Pokemon but some pokemon can’t catch because the Pokemon Company is locked!

Q: How to evolve pokemon when he needs trade?
A: He will evolve at level 30 or level up with a held item in the day!

Q: Should I update the game to v1.30 and 2 dlc?
A: You should!

Q: How to patch this game?
A: On Yuzu – Right-Click to Pokemon Sword, Open Mod data location, create a folder, copy romfs from the patch file!
P/s: If you play on yuzu, you can follow these tips. Remove all DLC and update file from pokemon sword, close yuzu. Opening yuzu now, installs hack patch, 2 DLC, and update v1.3.0. You can see the update file is disabled, but you can launch the game. The game is working but it will miss some features! Yuzu doesn’t optimize with hack ROM now!

A: On Atmosphere – Copy 0100ABF008968000 folder to atmosphere/contents!

This game is a Switch Hack ROM. It’s completed!



Pokemoner Sword Randomizer – Random encounter
Pokemoner Sword Randomizer – Symbol encounter
Download Pokemoner Sword Randomizer Patch (Completed)

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