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Pokemon Sword Prototype version 562

Nimi: Pokemon Sword Prototype version 562
Publisher(s): Nintendo – The Pokémon Company
Platforms(s): Nintendo Switch
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We play Pokemon Sword Prototype on May 25th, 2018! It’s a real beta version but a two months later version of the March 2018 prototype! You can have debug, mega evolution, and more incomplete features to explore now.

Pokemon Sword Prototype on March 2018 at here!

Well, you can’t play this version but you can run it and explore to find more! Anyway, The repacked version is available on Pokemoner.com. You can test on Yuzu or Nintendo Switch Hacked if you want! And now, Let’s play!

This game is a Switch ROM!



Download Pokemon Sword Prototype version 562 – May 25th, 2018 Repacked NSP

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