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Pokemon Peridot

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Name: Pokemon Peridot
Hacked by: Sea_Tree
Based on: Pokemon Crystal
Source link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=435205
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Peridot. It’s a new GBC Hack Rom and based on Pokemon Crystal by Sea_Tree! It has a new region, a new story.

You can have two rivals in-game and catch some pokemon from pokemon gold and silver demo. Shiny pokemon is stronger. The gameplay is harder. It has fairy type, Light Ball and more features… It’s just demo now, but you can play up to the 4th gym. And now, Let’s play!

Pokemon Peridot is a hack created using the pokecrystal disassembly project from pret. This hack takes place in a new, yet-unnamed, region and this first demo will take the player up to the fourth gym. The story is going to be contained within small sidequests that are not necessary to progress within the game. The ones featured in this demo revolve around a group of burglars who have been stealing items.

This hack also features a selection of previously-unused Pokemon designs from various points in Pokemon Gold & Silver’s development. These Pokemon were given fanmade stats to make up for the lack of finalized ones.


A brand-new region for the player to explore.
Previously unused Pokemon from various points in Gold & Silver’s development. These feature fanmade names, stats, and typing.

The player will have two rivals. Both will challenge the player to a battle periodically(Only one per character in this demo).
Shiny Pokemon will have a Defense and Special DV of 15, the Attack DV calculation remains the same as regular Generation 2 games. Speed is not taken into account at all. This results in a 1/512 shiny chance.
Borrowing from Pokemon Sun & Moon, certain routes will have a trainer that will refuse a challenge until every other trainer on that route is defeated.
Move Tutors are scattered around the maps, sometimes in hidden areas. They will mostly teach moves that were exclusive to events in Gold & Silver.
Every starter will be available through in-game trades.
Prompt to use another repel when one runs out.

Gym Challenges:

Gyms cannot be exited until the player beats the leader or whites out. Losing will reset your progress in that gym. Bring healing items.
Gym Leaders disallow the player from using any sort of item during battle. Berries and other held items will work as normal.
Gyms can be completed out of order.
Gym Leaders will have different parties depending on how much progress the player has made.


There is no physical/special split. Dark was changed to be a physical type and Ghost special.
Added Fairy-type. It deals with special damage.
Some modern moves have been added.
Hyper Beam no longer requires a recharge turn if it knocks out the opponent.
Teleport functions as it does in LGPE and Generation 8. The user switches out if in a trainer battle.
Bonemerang is able to hit flying-type Pokemon.
The Light Ball now doubles Raichu’s attack and special attack as well as Pikachu’s.
The X items have been revamped. They are now a held item that activates when the holder comes out, like the Berserk Gene. They are consumed on use.


Movepools and stats updated to reflect modern generations.
Some inspiration has been drawn from the Spaceworld 97 demo for movepools. (Houndour can learn Bone Club, Mareep can learn Hypnosis)
New items & effects.
Pokemon that were previously traded evolutions have had their evolution method changed.
Pokemon that required to hold an item and be traded will now evolve when leveled up while holding the designated item.
Other trade evolutions will evolve at max happiness.
Pokemon stats increased to match their current-generation counterparts.
Some Pokemon given their old generation 1 special stats for balance.
Onix 45 > 85 Attack
Exeggcute 45 > 50 Special Defense
Exeggutor 75 > 85 Special Defense
Tauros 40 > 70 Special Attack
Gyarados 60 > 80 Special Attack
Marill 20 > 71 Attack (To simulate Huge Power)
Azumarill 50 > 149 Attack (To simulate Huge Power)
Aipom 70 > 80 Attack
Steelix 85 > 125 Attack
Miltank 40 > 70 Special Attack (Keeping it a counterpart to Tauros)

TMS are infinite-use. They cannot be tossed or deposited into the PC.
Most HM moves have been changed into TMs. The player can freely learn & forget these moves as necessary. Surf will remain as an HM.
Some caves have walls that can be broken using Rock Smash to reveal secret passageways.

Update PC and Battle UI. The move selection menu will now show the base power of each move.
The stat screen received an update to put the most relevant information upfront.
The map name’s sign will adopt the roof color of each map.

Pocket Watch item allows the player to change DST settings from anywhere.
The time is displayed in the corner of the screen after obtaining the Pocket Watch. (This can be disabled)
Mystery Gift NPC that will give the player 3 random items per day.
After the player receives the Fly TM, an NPC will appear in the basement of each Pokemon Center. This NPC will offer to teleport the player to any previously-visited landmark.

Known Issues:
The running animation will continue to play when entering a building while holding down the run button. The player will still move at normal speed.
Currently, the player is not allowed to exit from the NPC Teleport screen. Allowing it provides buggy results.
Music on some route gates does not match up.

This game is a GBC ROM in English. It’s Beta!

Pokemon Let's Beat Mew

Download Pokemon Peridot Demo v1.1 (Completed)

—–CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Peridot Demo v1.1 CIA (Completed)
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