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Pokemon N and The Mystery of Latios

Pokemon Fire Ash
Nimi: Pokemon N and The Mystery of Latios
Hakkeroitu: Cataboy123
Perustuen: Pokemon White 2
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Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon N and The Mystery of Latios. It’s an NDS Hack Rom by Cataboy123! You are N; the bicycle is Latios, Espeon is Sylveon.

You can have Mewtwo Awakened Form! That’s all. The storyline is not changed! Cataboy123 stopped this project. But it’s playable in Pokemon white 2 storylines! And now, let’s play, bro!

Story: You are young, you are left alone, dying losing hope, you ask yourself ”What will become of me?”

Later on that same day a Mewtwo appears he shows you, and only you his new form, Mewtwo Awakened Form he tells you ”My clones are destroying the Unova region, find them in the grotto’s and destroy them all, fate rests in your hands, don’t fail me!!!” You then search for the Mewtwos for 4 years after those long 4 years you give up, but then! One day you decide ”I shall conquer the gyms. Maybe I’ll find some Mewtwo Clones on the way.” So you set off on your journey and on this journey you encounter a Latios who wants to befriend you, so you accept. You can now ride this Latios. You then travel far with Latios going to every grotto there is and defeating the Mewtwo clones. Once you defeat all the Mewtwo clones, the real Mewtwo comes to you in your dream and says ”N you have proven yourself worthy, fight me come to the grotto in Route 18, and we shall fight there!!!”

This game is an NDS Hack ROM in English. It’s Playable!

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