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Pokemon Mythic Legends

Pokemon Fire Ash
Name: Pokemon Mythic Legends
Hacked by: psychicboy
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=230399
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Mythic Legends. It’s an Old GBA Hack Rom Rom and based on Pokemon Fire Red by PsychicBoy. It focuses on making a new story. Your starters are Legendary beasts.

You will protect them by yourself. A ton of stories you can read on my website. The latest version is beta 3.1. It has a new region, new challenges, a new event, and more. It’s a good hack ROM to play. You should play if you want to have a new story! And now, Let’s play!


What defines them…?

Power. Order. Chaos. Time. Space. Void

These are elements that legendaries freely control when they gain their full potential. But when do they gain their full powers? But how does a young legendary learn to control these powers?

Guardians help with this… What are Guardians? Guardians are people with amazing powers to control and teach legendary pokemon and their mythical powers. Some people are born guardians, and never realize it, their powers lying dormant within. So when three legends are reborn, who will raise them? Guardians of course.

Suddenly you awake. after having a dream that would never be forgotten. A dream, a reality, or perhaps a premonition, all possibilities spin around in your head.
You feel evil forces lurking. Don’t let a Mythic Legend die…

A completely new region
Very strategically placed pokemon
Catch able starters
New Challenges
A new team(generic feature)
Difficult Gyms Layouts
Custom sprites
New scripts
Most legendaries will have their own different event
Custom sprites


Chapter One
“Whoa, where am I?”

Issaic looked around abit. He was surrounded by thick trees that never seemed to end. Suddenly, it began to rain.

“Great, first I’m in a forest, now its raining all over me?”

Issaic looked for a possible way to avoid the rain. Up ahead was a building. The building had a strange aura to it as if it was beckoning him to come towards it. Issaic ran towards the old building, shivering from the cold. As he approached the building, he noticed the door was pretty beat up and old looking. It had a large crack going right through the middle.

“Wow, this place looks as if it hasn’t been touched in years…”

Issaic pushed the old door open and then attempted to shut the door behind him as best as he could without causing anymore damge. When it had finally appeared to be sut, the entire door collapsed and Issaic shivered as a fierce wind blew cold water droplets through the door.

“So much for being gentle..” Issaic muttered to himself as he walked further into the dimly lit room.


As Issaic walked in further, he noticed that all around him were giant statues of what appeared to be unknown pokemon he had never seen in his entire life. Issaic walked up to a statue of a bird-like pokemon and read words inscripted into the surface right below the pokemon.

“Zapdos…? What are these pokemon..?”

Issaic continued walking around the room until he came upon the biggest statue of them all.

“Arceus huh? What does it say under it..?

Issaic bent over to read what was inscripted under the statue. It was a bit dusty so Issaic gently blew it and coughed as a cloud of dust hit his face.

“Powers of young, and powers of old.

Legends continue as time unfolds.

As each one dies, another is born.

And with each legend, a Guardian is sworn…”

What the heck is all that supposed to mean..?”

Issaic continued walking down the corridor until he came across another door. He slowly reached for the handle and gently turned it, afraid it would come right off if he turned to hard. He opened the door just as slowly and walked in to reveal an extremely dim room. Issaic became frozen when he saw a woman standing just a few feet away with her gaze affixed on him.

“The time has come…”

Chapter Two

The woman looked old from afar, probably in her fifty’s. She stared at Issaic with a Mystical look on her face as if she was examining his entire being. She sloely walked up to him and Issaic faltered, unsure of what to do.

“Do not be an afraid child…”

She said as she walked towards him. Her voice had a soothing effect as if she could lull him to sleep with her voice alone. She was at arm’s length now, and Issaic could see her features clearly. She didn’t look as old from up close then she did from afar. She had long dark hair that flowed down to her shoulders and she had a comely face with no wrinkles or worry marks at all. After examining him further, she finally spoke.

“I bet you’re wondering how you got here and why you’re here in the first place. How you got here is a question that even I cannot answer… As for why your here…”

In the darkness, Issaic could make out a faint yelping sound. Issaic understood nothing so far but decided to let the lady finish before asking any questions.

“You have a great destiny ahead of you… You are one of the special ones that may alter their paths at their will, causing great changes…”

Issaic was completely baffled by this woman’s words, yet somehow, they made sense.

“C-Changes? What kind?”

For a second, Issaic could of sworn he saw the woman smile for a second, but dismissed it as imagination.

“That depends… Would you accept a changed destiny even if it meant giving up your life to protect others?”

Giving up my life? A changed destiny? What is going on here..?

Issaic was unsure of what to say at the moment. But he then boldy answered.

“Yes, I would!”

Issaic didn’t understand if this was just some extremely realistic dream, or if it was indeed all real. So he made the decision, hoping that whatever this was would end quicker.

“Then follow me…”

Issaic watched as the woman turned around and in a matter of seconds, faded into the darkness ahead.

“For an old lady, she’s pretty quick. I better catch-up before I lose her..”

Issaic started walking further into the room. Every now and then, he’d hear a snarl and freeze up. The farther he went into the darkness, the louder the sounds got. Issaic finally found what was making all the sounds and Immediately a smile enveloped his face.


Issaic yelled excitedly as he got to the part of the room where the old lady was standing.

She stood there, watching three pokemon at play on the ground. They were pretty large pokemon, but not larger than Issaw was. They looked like little babies, yet Issaic could feel the power brimming in each of them. One was blue, one red, and another yellow. The pokemon resembled some of the statues he had seen in the other room. They were crawling over each other, trying to pin one another down. They didn’t even notice when Issaic walked over to the old woman.

“What are these pokemon?” Issaic asked the woman curiously.

She continued watching the pokemon as if Issaic didnt even ask the question.

“Lying here are the offspring of the legendary beast pokemon. Suicune, Entei, and Raikou… You must protect one of these pokemon with your life and keep it from being used for evil of any kind.”

Issaic absorbed what the woman was saying before saying anything.

“My life huh…?”

Issaic watched as the red pokemon, Entei, playfully bit the blue one on the ear. Issaic bent over to let the pokemon know was there, and they instantly jumped on him. They licked his face, and playfully bit him.

“Ahh, stop that!” Issaic said laughing. Issaic got back up and looked at each pokemon.

“Entei, Suicune, Raikou…”

Issaic thought hard about his decision before finally deciding.


The old woman looked at the pokemon, then looked back up at Issaic.

“Interesting choice trainer…”

The old woman reached into her pocket and pulled out an extremely cool looking Pokeball. It was Pokeball designed in shape but had a flame design all around it. Engraved in the middle, where the button was supposed to be, was a magnificent red ruby. The woman gently grabbed Issaics hand and he didn’t resist. She then put the ball in his hand.

“Now capture your partner..”

Issaic firmly grasped the ball and gently tapped the confusing red pokemon on the nose. For a second, it had a knowing look on its face. It was then absorbed into the Pokeball. The other pokemon looked around in confusion, but then went back to playing.

“It’s time to send you back. It is now too late to return to the path you once had. Evil forces lurk. Don’t let a legend die…”

Issaic was once again confused by the old womans words. She stared into his eyes and suddenly, he couldn’t move, breath, or even speak.

“What’s going on!?” Issaic thought to himself, panicing. Suddenly, he collapsed on the ground.

“And so your journey begins.. Be careful…”

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It’s Beta!

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