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Yet Another Fire Red Remake on Fire Red

Name: Yet Another Fire Red Remake on Fire Red
Remade by: Mysterion
Remade from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source Link: https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/yet-another-fire-red-remake-on-fire-red-what-a-funny-name-hahaha.63322/#post-455404
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Yet Another Fire Red Remake on Fire Red. It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red by Mysterion. It has mega evolution in battle, z-moves in battle, All pokemon, moves and abilities up to gen 7,..


and a lot of features in-games. It’s just a base ROM in Fire Red story. You can use this ROM as a base ROM, but the creator doesn’t recommend it because it has some unstable features. Anyway, Let’s test now!

Gym Leaders / Elite 4 Sprites based on Pokémon LGPE sprites
1-7 Generation Pokémon available (Only a few, I couldn’t find where to put so much monkey in such a small region)
Each Pokémon has its own official programmed and functional ability
All existing and existing movements
Battle AI that does think about which move to use
Exp. Share 7th generation style
All movements, (Data, animations, effects) abilities, objects, weather effects, terrain effects, mechanics, etc. until the seventh generation.
All Moves (Data / Animations / Effects) Abilities, Items, Weather effects, Terrain effects, mechanics, etc. through Gen 7
Greatly improved AI with decision-making skills for new battle effects.
Mega Evolution, Primal Regression, and Ultra Blast


Z movements
Skill boxes
Hidden skills
HP boxes disappear when a move is executed
Messages from coaches in battle
Pokéballs expanded
Critical capture
Battle Grounds
Dominant Pokémon
Maximum specifiable level (Up to 255)
Sample movement data from the battle menu
Pokémon type display from the health bar
Trainers with EVs

Music based on the coach class
PokéBalls based on the coach class
Dynamic Coaches Backsprites
Customizable pre-battle mugshot
Double Wild Battles
Multi Battles – Battle two opponents, watched by two coaches, Battle with a partner, and more!
Custom wild Pokémon (Moves, Hidden Room, Varicolour, etc)
New Evolutionary Methods / Evolutionary Moves / Evolutions by Pokémon expanded

Expanded movements / movesets
Medal-based obedience
Iris Amulet
Scaled Levels – Wild Pokémon and Trainer Levels scaled to the level of the highest level Pokémon on your team
Spread Exp. / Earning Exp. Updated
Exp gain when capturing a Pokémon
Reverse Battles / Air Battles
OW turn to see you
Battle Background Change
Uncapturable Pokémon (Based on a flag)
Prevent backpack use in battle (Based on a flag)
Prevent hupida in battle (Based on a flag)
Trainer Pokémon Catch (Based on a flag)
Day and night system in battle (Paddle shading, time-dependent funds, etc.)
Movements that change type with their current type on the information screen


Fairy type
Battle Front / Battle Buildings
Improved Battle Tower. Improved tiers, custom / randomized teams, single/double battles, etc.
Recall-Expanded Moves (Up to 50 moves)
Improved MT / MO expansion, with reusable MTs
Pickup mechanics improved
Daily Events / Mass Appearances (Swarms)
Day/night and internal clock (RTC)
Wandering Pokémon
JPAN engine features ported and improved
Character customization
Many new scripting specials (same values ​​/ arguments/results of used specials)

Fainting modification with text enhancements
Script execution every step is taken
Extra pedometers for scripting events
And more!
Save-Block expansion
Menu with DexNav and secondary tools
Dynamic OW Palettes
Updated nursery system, specifiable hatching level
Expandable/customizable skill names
Direct PC Selection / Specials for accommodation
Cyclic data display
Base statistics on the information screen of the PokéDex
Improved BW repellent system
Poison Survival

Auto-named screen swap
HonorBalls at the Poke Shops
Configurable start menu
Pokémon expanded into Hall of Fame
Expanded text buffers
Triple-layer blocks
Support to the Changing Cave / Sete Ruins
Sound of footsteps in grass and sand
Omnidirectional jumps

Image of objects when picking them up
Automatic sports support, with an option to run indoors
Expanded Casino Coins (Up to 999,999,999!)
Plus SafariBalls / steps (each up to 65,535!)
Scrollable Multichoice List
Equipped Item Swap
Randomizer (s)
Follow Me
Bag sorter
New Field Moves – Rock Climber, Clear, Dive
Iris Amulet and Oval Amulet
And much more!

New objects have placeholder data because He didn’t have time to insert that data
Many Pokémon are unobtainable
It is not possible to get all new items
New items in stores probably don’t work

version April 17, 2020 – Fixed something!

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English! It’s Beta in features! It’s playable because it’s a feature hack from!



Cheat Codes:
Using Pokemon Fire Red code
Download Yet Another Fire Red Remake on Fire Red version April 17, 2020 (Beta)

—-CIA for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Yet Another Fire Red Remake on Fire Red version April 17, 2020 CIA (Beta)

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