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Pokemon Thyme

Name: Pokemon Thyme
Created by: Hukon
Source Link: https://reliccastle.com/threads/90/
Hello, welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Thyme. It’s a fan-made game on PC where you can travel through the time. Hukon makes it.

You are a trainer on an island, you can explore that island with some sidequests. Some Pokemon have had their evolution requirements slightly changed. I don’t know more about that. Well, I feel it’s a good game. It’s a PC game in English. And Now, Let’s play!

Following the direction of the shout, you find a Strange Charm. Little do you know that this charm will be the centre (or like, somewhere close to it at least) of an adventure of thymely proportions! Travel through two versions of Jammest Island – past and present to stop an eccentric thief from the past and a not very interesting historian from the present from catching Celebi and causing the world as we know it to fall into chaos! Or, at least, that’s what I assume would happen if Richard got it.[/tab]

Thyme travel I mean time travel haha get it?? You can travel through time.​
One entire island to explore.​
Some cheeky sidequests.​
Richard is a whole feature unto himself.​
Certain Pokémon have had their evolution requirements slightly changed so you can more realistically get them without grinding for several hours.​

This game is a Pc Game in English! It’s Completed!



Cheat Codes:
Using Pokemon Islas del Viento code
Download Pokemon Thyme Completed (Official Link – Mediafire)
Download Pokemon Thyme Completed (Official Link – Google Drive)

—-Back-up Link below—

Download Pokemon Thyme Completed (Completed – Back-up link)

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