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Pokemon Pandora

Name: Pokemon Pandora
Created by: Haunted Ditto
Source Link: https://reliccastle.com/threads/2445/
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Pandora. It’s an RPGXP Game, and you can play on PC or Android. Ok, You are a young trainer, you try to get 4th badge now.

Well, The shiny rate is 1/250, Fishing Rod which is combined Old, Good and Super Rod. Free Move relearner and more thing. Well, It’s completed in English. And now, Let’s play!

You are a young trainer on his journey to become the very best like no one ever was. You wake up in a hotel where you prepare yourself for your 4th gym battle. After getting the badge, a rockslide on the next route forces you to go back to the city and wait until the boulders get removed.

You see that a group of thugs steal a little girl’s Psyduck which you want to get back. You enter their hideout which is a cave and after defeating their boss something…very bad happened. You accidentally freed an ancient evil and now it is your task to ban it from this world again. Can you do this or is this world doomed?

Features and helpful information:
-We raised the shiny rate because the game is so short. It is 1/250 now.
-We added the item Fishing Rod which combines Old, Good, and Super Rod.
-You start with a good collection of items. Check your bag.
-The city you start in has a free move relearner.
-Not really helpful information, but it seems like many people got confused by this. It is intentional that the trainers south of the city don’t fight. The protagonist already defeated them, because that’s the route where he originally came from to reach the city.

Current version:
v3.1 is the current version
New additions to v3.0: Custom Surfing sprite for the Protagonist and lower catch rates for the mini-bosses

Known Bugs:
Everything seems fine, again

This game is an RPGXP Game in English! It’s Completed!



Download Pokemon Pandora v3.1 (Completed)

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