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Pokemon Islas del Viento

Name: Pokemon Islas del Viento
Remade by: Jack johnson and Glace
Remade from: Pokemon Emerald
Source Link: https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/islas-del-viento-demo-4-abril-2020.61705/
Hello, welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Islas del Viento. It’s a new GBA Hack Rom and based on Pokemon Emerald by Jack johnson and Glace.

This game has a new Region is Eolia, you can have four new types, new field moves, new pokemon, Double wild pokemon. A lot of features will be added in the future. Well, The graphics and features in this game are excellent. It’s just a demo version in Spanish now. Let’s play now, bro!

You recently moved to Eolia, a distant region made up of 6 islands. Your neighbor Professor Quercus, who has also been a short time in Eolia, organizes an expedition for young trainers to help him register the Pokémon inhabitants in Eolia.

▸ 4 new types
▸ New field moves
▸ Selection of Pokémon from all generations
▸ New Pokémon
▸ Regional shapes of some Pokémon
▸ Possibility of double encounters with wild Pokémon

As you can see, the game as such is still in its infancy, saying that we have made 1% is perhaps saying too much, but at least it is underway.

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in Spanish! It’s Beta!



Cheat Codes:
Using Pokemon Islas del Viento code
Download Pokemon Islas del Viento Demo 0.3 (Beta)

—-CIA for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Islas del Viento Demo 0.3 CIA (Beta)

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