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Pocket Awakening – 口袋觉醒

Name: Pocket Awakening – 口袋觉醒
Created by: 上海酷杨网络科技有限公司
Source Link: https://www.9game.cn/koudaijuexing/
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pocket Awakening! It’s a new Chinese MMO Game. Maybe, it has pokemon up to generation 7, mega evolution.

The unique feature is move animation. I think it has a great move animation. Well, It’s an online game in Chinese. And it’s an android game. You can play if you want!

It ’s up to you! Super exquisite Japanese comic style, movie-level special effects display, take you into the hall level wizard world. A total of more than 800 kinds of elves search, multi-value system differentiated training, form your own elf team, challenge the gym, win the league championship title, the ultimate challenge of the elf master! Guild peak matchup, personal cross-server battle for hegemony, a variety of gameplay bloody collisions, elves accompany you all the way!

This game is an android game in Chinese. It’s an online game!



Download Pocket Awakening – 口袋觉醒 (9game – official link)

—-Back-up Link (The version I used when I was making video!—-

Download Pocket Awakening – 口袋觉醒 (Back-up)

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