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Pokemon Flaming Grace

Name: Pokemon Flaming Grace
Remade by: SpikeJolteon
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=396159
Hello, welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Flaming Grace! It’s GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red by SpikeJolteon! It’s a feature hack, so we won’t say any more about the storyline because it’s the same as pokemon fire red.

Some features in this game are Pokemon up to Gen 7, Alola form, you can catch all Pokemon, gym, and trainer revamped. And more features are incomplete… Anyway, Let’s play because it’s playable!

This new edition of Pokemon Flaming Grace will include:
Gyms revamped!
Gen 7 pokemon, Alola included!
Official Documentation!
Pokemon Changed/Reworked!
All pokemon are obtainable! ( Excluding legendaries for now).
Revamped trainers!

Version 0.5 Changelog

Hello, this is gonna be a short, kinda simple, and pretty awesome changelog. This part serves as a small introduction on what the game is about
In smaller versions, this document will only contain pokemon changes,
These changes will contain:
• Gym leader Levels, Pokemon, How many pokemon they have, etc.
• Pokemon changes: I.E Nerfs, Buffs, Stat changes, Ability changes

pretty simple right? Now then, let’s start on the legend of the changelog.

IMPORTANT: I have made these changes to bring more challenging experiences, and fun to this ROM hack, this is more of a gen 7 version of fire red, so I have made changes accordingly to make it more interesting, balanced, fun, and replayable. I respect every game freak and pokemon game as I have played them all, thanks for reading!


Alright, let’s make this as simple as possible.
• Red text = Stat Nerf
• Blue text = Stat Buff
• Green text= Explaining why a change was made
• Light Blue = Ability change
• Purple = Added in moves
• Orange = Removed Moves
• Pink = Evolution Changes
• Dark Blue = Type change.

So pretty nice system right? Thanks, I created it myself. C: if you have any questions you can DM on discord
Anyway, on with the game changes!

Pokemon changes

• Learns dragons breath lv. 13

• The special attack changed to: 70
• Phys. Attack Changed to 78
• Learns Dragon Claw at 21
• Learns Fire Fang at 26
• Secondary type added to Dragon-type
• Secondary Ability changed to Flame Body

• Secondary type added to Dragon-type
• Secondary Ability changed to Flame Body
• Learns Dragon Dance at 36
• Learns Flare Blitz at 43
• Learns Outrage at 50
• Sp. Attack changed From 109 to 95
• Phys. Attack changed from 84 to 115
I feel like Charizard is a really amazing starter for the game, however, Considering the other 2 choices, Blastoise and Venusaur, Charizard now is more of a physical attacker, rather than sharing the spotlight with the other 2 in special attack power. With this change, I have added the Dragon typing to Charizard in place of flying to give this change a better feeling,

• Changed Secondary ability to Overcoat
• Learns Shell Smash at level 28
In my opinion, I see Blastoise fairly balanced, I gave him a slight buff in power, allowing players to trade in defense for more power.

• Changed secondary ability to Thick Fat
• Increased Sp.attack power from 100 to 110 (venusaur only)
• Learns Energy Ball at level 32
• Learns Seed Flare at 40
The thing about the Bulba family is that, once it gets super late in the game, it literally does nothing, With this change in Special attack, I believe that in the later stages it will help it improve more.

• Sp.attack Changed from 90 to 100
• Speed Changed from 70 to 80
• Removed Poison, Sleep, and stun spore from moveset
• Learns Mega Drain at level 13
• Learns Roost at level 21
Butterfree has been at a weird, and very much never used for a while, with these changes I hope to believe butterfree will be picked up more than often. Butterfree will be watched for future updates for changes.

• Phys. Attack changed from 90 to 108
• Speed Changed from 75 to 80
• Swarm Changed to Adaptability, Sniper Changed to Levitate
Beedrill is in the same state as butterfree, so hopefully, these changes are better to help improve him.

• Keen Eye changed to Gale Wings
• Sniper Changed to Aerilate
Fearow has been really underused in ROM hacks in general, I feel like giving it buff in its stats would be too strong, but I have it changes to its abilities to help it through.
• Changed Speed stat from 100 to 85
The first real “nerf” to a pokemon, I feel like tentacruel has too high of base stats in speed for the pokemon that it is, Semi-High HP, Decent Defenses, Decent attack power, I feel like it being swiftly at that is just to strong.

• Phys. Attack Changed from 65 to 95
• Phys. Defense Changed from 55 to 65
• Speed Changed from 60 to 80
• Changed Keen eye to Super Luck
• Changed inner focus to Sniper
This is one of the bigger, if not the biggest sleeper pokemon in the game, I have given it stat changes to Hopefully help it become a very standard pick up now in the game, this pokemon will be watched to see how it preforms
• Changed Physical defense from 180 to 165
• Changed Phy. Attack from 95 to 90
• Changed HP from 50 to 65
Cloyster is a lot more potent then what it seems to be, Very high Phys. defense and Average Phys.attack, So I have nerfed the amount of defense and power, but I have given it some more HP to help keep its relevance.

• Changed Sp.Defense From 115 to 110
• Changed Phys.Attack From 73 to 85
• Changed Speed from 67 to 70
• Added Immunity as secondary Ability
Added some changes to Hypno mainly because he wasn’t strong enough to be picked up anywhere, His bulkiness was annoying but, other than that he wasn’t so great, So with these changes, we will see how he goes.

Fossil Family ( Kanto )
• Changed Evolutions To be at level 28 instead of 40
They were hardly picked up mainly because of the effort to get them to evolve, now you can get them to evolve sooner.
• Changed Evolution to be at level 40 instead of 55

• Changed HP from 91 to 80
• Changed Phys.attack From 134 to 130
• Changed Sp.Defense from 100 to 95
Dragonite is one of those pokemon that is able to fit on every team, with that being said, I have decided to nerf his defensive stats so this would make Dragonite more killable,
Gen 2

• Added in secondary ability to Poison Heal
• Added in secondary ability to Flame Body
• Changed Phys. attack from 76 to 85
• Changed Phys. Defense from 64 to 65
• Changed Spec. Attack From 76 to 82
• Changed Spec. Defense From 96 to 100
• Changed Speed from 70 to 80

• Changed Sp. Defense From 110 to 80
• Changed Sp. Attack From 55 to 100
• Changed Speed from 85 to 90
• Changed Early Bird to No Guard
• Changed Phys. Attack from 100 to 120
• Changed Secondary typing to Grass-type
• Learns Razor Leaf at level 17
• Learns Power Whip at level 33
• Changed Sp. Attack From 105 to 125
• Changed HP from 50 to 80
• Changed HP from 100 to 90
• Changed Phys. Defense 110 to 100
Tyranitar has been a very strong pick for most of the game, I have nerfed his survivability by changing his Defense and Hp

Gen 3

• Learns Mega Drain at level 16
• Learns Energy ball at level 23
• Learns Giga drain at level 36
The move set is kind of weird for this pokemon, I have changed it accordingly based on its stats, it will perform better as a special attacker.
• Changed Phys. Attack from 90 to 108
• Changed Quick Feet to Strong Jaw
• Learns Ice, Fire, And Thunder Fang at level 20
• Changed Speed from 70 to 82
Mightyena has been one of the pokemon who is never really looked at whenever you get a secondary pokemon, now with this change, he will be able to be a viable option.

• Masquerain
• Spec. attack changed from 80 to 100
• Speed changed from 60 to 85
• Phys. Defense changed from 62 to 63
• Added secondary ability to No Guard
Masq is a pokemon, much like mightyena who just isn’t picked up at all, with these buff in stats a new ability, we hope that it becomes a viable option
• Changed Phys. Attack from 65 to 80
• Changed Phs. Defense from 65 to 70
• Changed Spec. Attack from 55 to 70
• Added Secondary Fairy Type
• Added in secondary ability to Scrappy
• Learns Return at level 25
• Learns Disarming voice at level 30
• Learns Moon Blast at level 34
• Learns Extreme Speed at level 35
• Learns Double Hit at 39
• Learns Play rough at level 44
• Learns Close combat at level 48
Just a little rework, I Felt like delicately needed some love. C:

• Changed Spec. Defense from 115 to 100
• Changed Speed from 80 to 70
I feel as if with the addition to fairy typing, Gard is just too strong, so with these changes, we should see Gard more killable, less bulky, and less speedy.

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English! It’s Beta in Features! But it’s playable in Pokemon Fire Red Storyline!



Download Pokemon Flaming Grace v0.6.5

—CIA version for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Flaming Grace v0.6.5 CIA

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