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Pokemon Magical Dream

Name: Pokemon Magical Dream
Created by: SPYRAL Super Agent
Source-link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10114756
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Magical Dream. It’s a Fan-made Game on PC by SPYRAL Super Agent! You are Lena, 22 years old, who couldn’t find a normal job and start a Pokemon Journey.

The unique feature in this game is magical dream items. It’s a held item that can change the form of some Pokemon. Pokemon Magical Dream has Pokemon from generation 1 to 5, Fakemon, and alternative forms. Pokemon in Pokemon Gold and Silver demo is available in this game, I guess. A new region, new story, and unique music background is waiting for you. I love the music background in this game. It’s so good.

Lena is a 22-year-old woman who couldn’t find a normal job and is constantly arguing with her mother.
After being kicked out of her own house, Lena has no choice but start a Pokémon journey with 12 years of delay
to survive in this estrange world full of weird creatures, eccentric people, and a talking Zigzagoon.

A single region with some optional content.
Some Fakemon.
Optional maps have high-level difficulty and good rewards.
Evolution stone to evolve trade Pokémon.
Pokémon Centers replaced into Ursa Inns!
A real-time clock completely removed.
Gym leaders and important trainers are using actual strategies.
Decent to sharp difficulty without making the trainers over-leveled or loaded with healing items.
Custom graphics are similar to a generation 3 look.
All Pokémon are from generation 1 to 5, some Fakemon and alternative forms.
Weird battle interface.
More attention to the use of berries.

The Magical Dream
This game’s main gimmick.
Magical Dream is a held item that can change the form of some Pokémon
by making it wear a special suit or armor.
This is an obvious magical girl parody.
Most of the suits designs try to replicate something already existent,
so expect to recognize some shameless designs.

List of expected Pokémon:
“More Pokémon compatible with Magical Dream can be added in later development, and some of the expected ones may be excluded from the final game.”

Other Forms and Fakemon
Dark Pokémon: Only a few Pokémon will have a dark form, including the main legendary of the game and the first form of all the starter Pokémon. Dark Pokémon always becomes Dark-type and has amazing stats, but it becomes a normal Pokémon as soon as you let it evolve.

Forbidden Region Pokémon: In other words, all the Fakemon. In the original game, most of them don’t even exist, and the game always refers to a faraway region filled with chaos witch is where those weird Pokémon comes from. To be completely honest, they originally were made to a different game (which never came out), so the designs are more like Digimon than Pokémon, but they are cool nonetheless.

Chaos Weapon Pokémon: The main weapon the evil team will use through the game. They are not playable and will always feel ridiculous and out of place.

Other forms:
Some examples already in the demo are the giant Teddiursa who wanders the region and the Star Cave Teddiursa, who only appears at that specific place.

Demo version
This version of the game allows you to play up to a little bit after beating the second gym, which took me 6 hours to beat while testing some side stuff.

The back-up link is download links from ducumon.me!

It’s a Fan-made Game on PC in English. It’s Beta and progressing!



Download Pokemon Magical Dream Demo(Official link)

–Back-up link below–

Download Pokemon Magical Dream Demo(Back-up link)

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