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Pokemon Gold 97

Name: Pokemon Gold 97
Remade by: lvl_3 (pkmncrystal97)
Remade from: Pokemon Crystal
Source-link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=430526
Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/comments/ezjktf/pokemon_gold_97_complete/
Welcome back to Pokemoner.com and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, We will play Pokemon Gold 97. It’s GBC Hack Rom and based on Pokemon Crystal by lvl_3 (pkmncrystal97).

So this game has 251 pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver Demo version. Your Rival is Silver but he is not as an antagonist, maybe he is similar to Barry or Blue. The Graphics are from the Pokemon Spaceworld demo with a new story, a new region. It’s based on Nihon, Japan, new key items and evolution stones and more… Anyway, It’s completed in English. And now, Let’s go!

You are a new trainer who sets out on a journey to help Professor Oak with researching Pokemon, very much like the very first games. This story is built on the foundation that was pulled from the demo itself and has you traverse Nihon, based on the entirety of Japan, while you collect badges and catch Pokemon. You’ll also have to face off against Team Rocket, who are building a machine that would give them incredible power over Pokemon! Silver is portrayed in the manner that he was in the demo – not as an antagonist, but as an energetic rival, kind of similar to gen 4’s Barry. The story is admittedly kind of simple, but intentionally so. It was written to feel like the story that might have been in the demo had it been completed.

-Version 2.00 out now! Adds revamped movesets and typings that more closely match the demo. Slight buffs to some trainers.
-Graphics fully pulled from the Spaceworld demo, complete with Pokemon sprites, overworld tilesets, trainer sprites, etc, along with a handful of sprites I had to redesign myself to better match the art style of the demo.
-251 Pokemon, the complete Pokedex as it appeared in the demo. The main way that this differs from what would have been in an “official” game is that all 251 Pokemon are obtainable in one save file.
-New key items that match the story presented in the game
-Evolutionary stones that match the Demo (Heart Stone, Poison Stone) as well as an additional Trade Stone that allows for the evolution of Pokemon that would normally require trading.
-8 badges, Pokemon League, like you would expect.
-A new postgame map not present in the Spaceworld demo
-Type chart that matches the beta (with option to use standard type chart if preferred)


Q: How do I get Surf?

A: Defeat Team Rocket in the Slowpoke Well, then talk to the old man in the house next to it.

Q: How do I get Rock Smash?

A: You are given Rock Smash when you complete the Radio Tower. You cannot get it before the Team Rocket event there.

Q: How do I get Waterfall?

A: The route between Silent Town and Kanto has rocks blocking the way. Approach it from the Kanto side and talk to the man by the rocks. After you have talked to him and have defeated Red in Kanto, once you return to the route, the rocks will be gone and the man will give you Waterfall.

Q: Where is Whitney? She’s not in the gym.

A: Make sure you’ve both rescued the girl from the mine, and defeated Team Rocket at the Aquarium. Whitney will appear in the gym once both of those things are done.

Q: I can’t go north from West City, a rock blocks the path! Where do I go?

A: Make sure you’ve defeated Bugsy, taken the ferry from the dock in West City to go to Teku, then complete the events there (Rescue girl, defeat Team Rocket, defeat Whitney). Then you will get a call from Prof.Oak asking you to meet him in Birdon Town, and the rocks blocking the way will be gone.

Q: How do I get the Kanto starters and other Nihon starters?

A: Defeat the Elite Four, then in the postgame islands, there are NPCs in Amami Town, Nago Village, and Ryukyu City that give you the Kanto starters. The other two Nihon starters can be obtained by defeating the unofficial gym in Ryukyu City and by finding all of the NPCs to go to the game house on Route 102.

Q: Where are the NPCs that go to the game house on Route 102?

A: The first one is in the milk bar in Birdon Town, the second one is in the Game Corner in Kanto, and the third one is in the large house in Yoron City, so you cannot complete this objective until the postgame.

Q: How do I get Ho-Oh?

A: You need to have done two things – climb the 5 Floor Tower and get the monk’s blessing, and defeat Team Rocket completely in the Radio Tower. After that, there’s an old man NPC in Nutype City who will trigger the Ho-Oh event when talked to. After that, meet him at the top of the 5 Floor Tower and you will be able to encounter Ho-Oh.

Q: How do I get the legendary beasts?

A: Complete the Ho-Oh event, then they will spawn in the Mountain Cave, Ampare Cavern, and Whirl Island.

Q: How do I get the Kanto legendary birds?

A: They’re in the postgame area, in Uruma Cavern, Eastward Summit, and Mt.Monwal. They won’t appear unless you have the Tri-Wing with you. You obtain this item by talking to an NPC fishing in the Nanjo Forest. The NPC won’t give you the item until you’ve talked to him on at least two separate occasions and have repaired the S.S. Aqua.

Q: Where is Mewtwo/Mew?

A: They are both in the abandoned laboratory in the Isen Strait. It’s hidden, you’ll have to surf around the top right corner to find it. Mewtwo is there the first time you enter the lab. Defeat/Catch him and then wait at least until the next day and come back, then Mew will be there.

– fixed typo when trying to enter battle club without battle pass
– gave curstraw/curpan curse via level-up
– removed unneeded data for crystal exclusive movesets
– all pokemon that should be able to can now learn toxic
– new type chart, option to return to final game chart
– changed typings for many beta pokemon to match the demo
– revamped movesets for many pokemon more closely inspired by the demo
– minor fixes
– fixed bugged tilesets for several cave maps
– removed all instances of Flail and Reversal from level-up movesets- those moves don’t calculate damage correctly since editing the type chart, don’t know how to fix it yet, only affects a few pokemon
– fixed a few typos
– changed menu options for type chart to “SW97” and “FINAL”
– reduced encounter level of Mew from 10 to 5, so the wild Mew won’t know Transform yet, which causes the game to treat it as if it was a Ditto when caught
– fixed a few typos
– fixed a few typos
– made clock reset easier, just hold down+b+select on title screen
– added brightpowder item to zapdos room
– fixed warp points for Marts in Blue Forest and Nutype City
– replaced female rocket grunt and officer trainer sprites with sprites from new beta assets
– added text for bookshelves and computer in honto ruins lab
– redesigned Falkner’s gym to match beta assets
– tweaked shading and design for sage and pokefan trainer sprites
– fixed a few tileset issues for kanto map and West City
– added text to West City Docks clarifying player to return after defeating Bugsy
– added arrows pointing to the entrance of Silent Hills
– added new text for trainer in Silent Town pokecenter after Time Capsule opens

It’s a GBC Rom in English. It’s Completed!



Pokemon Gold 97 v2.10 Completed (Completed)

–CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below–

Pokemon Gold 97 v2.10 Completed CIA (Completed)

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