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Grow Merge Monsters

Name: Grow Merge Monsters
Created by: Mobirix
Source-link: https://www.mobirix.com/newhome2016/eng/page/allgame.html
Welcome back to Pokemoner.com and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, We will play Grow Merge Monsters. It’s a Mobile Game on Android and iOS by MOBIRIX Company. This game is an offline game but you can play online to get more features.

Come back to the game, you will receive a starter similar to Pokemon, try to train him, catch more monsters, upgrade the skills and trainer levels. Just Open and Kill the time in this game without gaming skills. And now, Let’s go. It’s free!

Hatch monster eggs and merge the hatchlings to create a powerful monster!
Explore various dungeons and evolve your monsters to give them awesome powers!

– Merge monster eggs to create even more powerful monsters.
– Use a various levels of monster skills (Rare, Epic, Legend, etc.) strategically.
– Increase monster power through evolution, upgrade, research, and training.
– Capture monsters and eggs by exploring habitat dungeon.
– Collect powerful Runes by exploring Golem Dungeon and Nazaric Dungeon.
– Test the abilities of your monsters in the Tower of Challenge.
– Rank, Achievement, and Leaderboard supported.
– This is an Offline game that does not require a network connection.
– Supports English.

It’s an Offline Game on Mobile (Android and iOS). It’s Completed!



Grow Merge Monsters at Google Play (Offcial link – Android Version)

–Back-up Link below–

Grow Merge Monsters at Apple Store (Offcial link – iOS Version)

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