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Pokemon Birdcall

Name: Pokemon Birdcall
Created by: Aki
Facebook’s Fanpage: https://reliccastle.com/threads/1734/
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, We will play Pokemon Birdcall. It’s a Fan-made Game or RPGXP Game on PC by Aki. Well, well, birdcall, yup, your partner is a bird, I mean, it’s flying pokemon! Try to find a boss bird and fight to unlock the path, and you can beat the bosses, and boss and boss… hmm some sidequests in the open world. This game is an open world. Well, it’s completed with English. And now, let’s go!

As a pro-Birdkeeper, you have been hired by Professor Finch to help him investigate some bird business. From his lab, you need to head out in each direction to find some special birds and collect their feathers!

In this game you can expect to find:

›Choose your starter from a pool of options that include different movesets and abilities!
›Hidden/Bonus starter choices!
›Soft resetting for that shiny starter? See it instantly when you start the game!

›So many boss battles
›Fight Boss Birds to unlock the paths to secret boss battles in other areas!
›You can beat the bosses, but they’re all able to be captured if you want to challenge yourself!
›Fight those bosses in any order you choose, because this game is the open world!
›Find Mini/Optional Bosses!

›What else is in this game?
›Field moves that aren’t tied to learning specific HM moves!
›But if you like moves there’s tons of TMs to customize your team!
›More characters appear as you play! That means more trainers with stronger Pokemon!
›Optional sidequests!
›Hidden items everywhere

If the Official link isn’t working, you can download it at the back-up link!

It’s an RPGXP or PC Game. It’s Completed in English!



Pokemon Birdcall v1.1 (Offcial Link – Completed)

–Back-up link–

Pokemon Birdcall v1.1 (Back-up Link – Completed)

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