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Capsulemon FIGHT

Name: Capsulemon FIGHT
Created by: allm
Source-link: https://www.facebook.com/capsulemonFight/
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, We will play Capsulemon! It’s an MMO game on Android and iOS. You can catch and receive a lot of monsters similar to Pokemon, Digimon in this game. And you can have battles with more players in the world. But Capsulemon is a different way to play. It isn’t similar to Pokemon. You will drop and shoot your monster, simply. Anyway, It’s an online game from Korea But it’s English. And now, Let’s go!

You are fighting a fierce brain battle with many summers from all around the world. Identify your opponent’s location and weaknesses and discover your best and most powerful angle. Use your summoned monsters and their powerful skills. When linked attacks succeed like dominoes, the fun begins.

Do not panic with opponent’s attacks. Take your time and focus to identify your opponent’s weak points. Collect mana and use summoner skills at the best timing. If you crave to win, train yourself in the game with various training modes.
A battle against summoners from all around the world requires high level of brain battle but CAMSULMON FIGHT is fast and easy for everyone. With just one finger, you can experience thrilling and strategic action. Make friends and take your victory trophies with them!

Facebook’s Fanpage: facebook.com/capsulemonFight/
Youtube’s Channel: youtube.com/watch?v=iTwZ1QuFD8I

will [my country] be in the game?
Yes! Every country in the world (that’s 197~) will be in the final dex – plus 100 more regional, fictional, and defunct flag Countryballs!
will [fictional country] be in the game?
Perhaps. We’re trying to keep that number down significantly – too many would be very no bueno.
does [country] still need a sprite/cry/dex/etc?
PM me in discord or on Pokecommunity.
will Kekistan be in the game?!
Absolutely not. Hard no.

It’s an MMO game on Android and iOS. It’s English!



Capsulemon FIGHT (Offcial Link for Android Version – Google Play)

–iOS Version–

Capsulemon FIGHT (Offcial Link for Android Version – Aple Store)

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