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Pokemon Sacred Gold Spanish

Name: Pokemon Sacred Gold Spanish
Remade by: Drayano
Translated by: Drakyem
Remade from: Pokemon Heart Gold
Source – credit: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-62384/pokemon-sacred-gold-en-espanol-traduccion
Drakyem’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/drakyem
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, we will play Pokemon Sacred Gold Spanish by Drayano and translated by Drakyem. hmm, Maybe you knew Pokemon Sacred Gold. It’s a Good NDS Hack Rom in English. And this game is Spanish Version for Pokemon Sacred Gold. Anyway, It’s completed. And now, Let’s go!

There are a lot of new things in this hack:
You can capture the 493 Pokémon in the generation! Get ready to take hours at the hack.
There are many changes in the coaches’ teams; rest assured that Gym Leaders, Team Rocket, etc. They will be a good challenge.
Pokémon will learn new movements, have other abilities (such as Cyndaquil with Absorb-Fire) and will even be of different types.
Some movements have changed, such as Court, now being of the plant type.
There are changes regarding the location of MTs, evolutionary objects, key objects …
There are new events (which occur, for example, in the Sinjoh Ruins ), there are changes in the Casinos, changes in the Pokémon League (teleports to challenge the High Command as you wish, as in Black / White) …

Drakyem’s Twitter: twitter.com/drakyem

Known Bugs:
Possible black or white screenshots at certain events in the Safari Zone. It is recommended to save often.
One of the fights of Route 47 can be activated from a strange place.
The text of the Mu-Mu Milk is upside down.
Some events such as those of the Frost Table or Maximum in Carmine City do not seem to work in R4 (?)
Mew’s event freezes on some flashcards.
Garchomp doesn’t have his Rough Skin ability.
Claydol … does not learn Flight.
There will be doubles of Lira / Eco if you lose against them in Ciudad Trigal.
A particular object makes you get 450 Maximum Restore.
There is an error in the description of the Spirit Stone (this may have been fixed when I translated; let me know if you see that it is wrong).
Most meetings with the Supercane that have a 30% exit create a Missingno, instead of leaving the Pokémon that should. This happens because 30% meetings are missing at night.
The double bout of Route 13 has changed names. (Maybe not in translation)
Cintia may not give you Sinnoh’s initials after winning the Earth Medal; Talk to her before getting the medal!
Máximo will not recognize that you have captured Latias or Latios after capturing Regigigas. (So ​​do the Latis event first!)
The Celebi del Rival and Giovanni event will end up freezing upon arrival at Tohjo Falls.
Scizor learns Darkness instead of Tajo Umbrío.
Flags tend to reset for some unknown reason. It does not always happen, but it is unknown why it happens.
The attack and special attack of Ledyba is not changed as it puts in the document.

It’s an NDS Rom and Completed. It’s Spanish!



Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Spanish (Completed)

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