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Pokemon Kanto Generations 3D

Name: Pokemon Kanto Generations 3D
Create by: Xavier – DragReelStudios
Source – credit: indiedb.com/games/pokemon-kanto-generations-3d
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Kanto Generations 3D. I actually receive a request from the author so I play it. Thanks, Xavier and DragReelStudios for creating this game. So this game is a fan-made game on pc where you are ash or red and green and blue. And your starter is Eevee or Pikachu. You can capture or have battled with Mewtwo, have battled with more trainers and you can play with your friends. I’m feeling so fun when you saw we can surf without pokemon.. lol, It’s similar to GTA. I love it. Anyway, You can play this game if you like the Pokemon Game with 3D. And now, Let’s go!

PKG or Pokemon Kanto Generations is a Fan-Made and free game by Xavier. Pokémon Kanto Generations is a free, unofficial, 3D Action/Adventure/RPG heavily inspired by both the Pokemon Anime & the Pokemon Video Games. The game will contain single-player aspects, along with a story closely resembling the anime. If you’re interested in helping the project, please note that I’m only interested in asset gatherers/creators, however, all support is both greatly appreciated and highly motivating, and I’m grateful for it. Pokémon © 20017-2019 Pokémon. © 1995-2017 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ®, the Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

For everyone who has been so patient Id like to thank you for following my work and playing PKG as a contributor. I don’t get paid to do this and I do it for the sole purpose of making other gamers happy and the love of the Pokemon Franchise.

So starting on November 15th Id like to you to play and enjoy some of the new features coming soon:

There will be 12 different boxes to store a maximum of 30 in each… to reach a total of 360 Pokemon of capture in the game. But hopefully, you don’t need to catch more than that amount.

PKG Pokemon PC storage showcase

Legendary Pokemon:
Of course all 5 Kanto Legendary Pokemon will be included in the game
Mewtwo will be located in his mysterious mansion like Lab near ROUTE 18. He won’t be a pushover either so be prepared for a real fight!

PKG Mewtwo showcase
Mews location has not yet been decided yet but let’s just say he will pop occasionally and let’s see who can capture that tricky Pokemon first.

PKG Mew showcase
As for the others the 3!

Back-up link is the game I used when I was making gameplay. Maybe I won’t update it in the future!

It’s a Fan-made Game on PC. It’s English!



Download Pokemon Kanto Generations 3D (Official Link)

— Back-up links below—

Download Pokemon Kanto Generations 3D v1.7.5 (Back-up Link)

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