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Pokemon Glowing Garnet

Name: Pokemon Glowing Garnet
Hacked by: ecnoid
Based on: Pokemon Omega Ruby
Source – credit: https://discord.gg/B8t8BJT
ecnoid’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/ecnoid
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Glowing Garnet. It’s a 3DS Hack rom and based on Pokemon Omega Ruby by Ecnoid! So well, I built this game into 3ds and CIA version because someone needs it and asks me. This game doesn’t change more but you can have a new custom character with shiny rate is 1/100, delta pokemon and more fun features in this game. Remember to join in Ecnoid’s Romhacks Discord to read FAQ, And now, Let’s go!

Q. The game is in Japanese, how do I fix this?
A. change the settings in Citra. Emulation > configure then change the region it’s emulating

Q. what are the shiny odds?
A. 1:100

Q. I caught a delta pokemon, where do I post it
A. I’d rather that you don’t post it but if you really have to show it off then take the picture on the summary screen and post it in #pgg-delta-spoilers.

Q. Citra is giving me the OpenGl 3.3 error
A. this most likely means that your pc isn’t compatible with Citra, unfortunately, you can’t play the game

Q. can I hunt <insert shiny locked pokemon>
A. yes, there are no shiny locked pokemon.

Q. does <insert pokemon> have a custom shiny?
A. all obtainable pokemon that are not mirage island exclusive or post Groudon dex nav exclusive have a custom shiny.

Q. how do I play on 3ds.
A. you need a 3ds with custom firmware and an SD card with at least 4GB of free space.
just place the .cia file on your SD card and install it with FBI.

Q. How do I sneak/slow walk in the Citra version?
A. hold the “circle mod” button, this is D by default but can be changed in the controls.

Q. How would I evolve a pokemon that needs to be traded to evolve?
A. all obtainable trade evolutions evolve at level 39

Q. I’m playing on 3ds and I’m not getting shinies, is anything wrong?
A. If you have any omega ruby updates installed the odds will be messed up make sure you don’t. you can delete these updates with FBI or in the data management

Q. can deltas be shiny
A. yes deltas can be shiny, think of them like alola pokemon

Q. what are the shiny odds with the shiny charm?
A. 1/95, it doesn’t change much

Q. Can I use cheats with this game?
A. any omega ruby cheats should work, we don’t help with finding these

Q. is there a way to get the evolution stones early?
A. the slateport pokemart has them, minus the dawn stone which is in the market place.

Q. is the game any harder than normal oras?
A. yes, key battles have increased the difficulty

Q. how many pokemon can be caught in this?
A. just a couple more than in normal oras.

Q. how do I reset my save file?
A. the same way as omega ruby, even on Citra

It’s a 3DS Hack Rom and Completed. It’s English!



Download Pokemon Glowing Garnet v8.0r4 for Citra (Completed)

—Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked—

Download Pokemon Glowing Garnet v8.0r4 CIA (Completed)

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