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Catch Monsters Together

Name: Catch Monsters Together – 一起来捉妖
Create by: Tencent
Source – credit: https://zhuoyao.qq.com/
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Catch Monster Together. It’s an MMO Game on Android and iOS. I can say it’s Pokemon Go Chinese with cute monsters. That’s it. And now, Let’s go! I don’t want to talk anymore about this game. It’s awesome!

“Catch Monsters Together”: Tencent’s First AR Exploration Mobile Game!

【game introduction】
“Catch Monsters Together” is Tencent’s first AR exploration mobile game. Augmented reality technology takes you to see the other side of the world! Wherever there is love, there is a spirit, and there are all kinds of demon spirits hidden around us, born of emotions in the world. Come and explore the world, travel around the city, incarnate in the real world to discover and collect and become partners with them!

[Game Features]

[Surprised discovery, met the little demon spirit around you]
The incarnation of the spiritual master walks the spirit world, embarks on a new journey, meets the demon spirit, and makes a thousand fate.

[Explore in the field, re-know your world]
Real-world games, explore the unknown outdoors and discover another exciting world.

[All things have spirits, they are born for love, collect and develop]
Everything in the world has an aura, regional characteristics, daily fun, Chinese food, folk tales, and strange monsters born of emotions to accompany you.

[World BOSS, Cooperation Challenge]
Meet online, meet offline, Yuling Squad gathers for the same, and work together to challenge the world BOSS to become the strongest Yulingshi!

[Trendy clothing, an alternative interpretation of the spirit of Yuling]
The release of tide costumes linked to virtual and reality, walking in the city, attracting a lot of attention, the identity of the master is clear at a glance. You are the most beautiful cub on the street!

[Outdoor activities, healthy home rejection carnival]
Feature offline activities, refuse to stay, go out! Walk for the redemption of benefits, find demon nests, and playout for a healthy life.

[Merchant Welfare, Hao Sa Million Value Deals]
Assemble head brands, nearby merchants, and exclusive benefits of the Master of the Spirit. Let ’s play, drink and play, we have contracted!

Back-up link is the game I used when I was making gameplay. I won’t update it in the future!

It’s an Online Game on Android and iOS. It’s Chinese!



Download Catch Monsters Together (Official Link for Android and iOS)

— Back-up links below—

Download Catch Monsters Together (Back-up Link – APK File)

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