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Pokemon Zard

Name: Pokemon Chari
Remade by: coeurdhiver
Remade from: Pokemon Red
Source – credit: https://discord.gg/DPszjXY
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Chari and Pokemon Zard! It’s GB Hack Rom by coeurdhiver! It’s based on Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. So well, Just The Main Feature is All Pokemon are Charizard Form! Pokemon Chari and Pokemon Zard are the same. But the one is based on Pokemon Red and the one is based on Pokemon Blue. It’s completed with English. And now, Let’s go!

Every mon has been Zardified. This means that every mon now :
– has its name changed to a Zard-themes name
– has a special Zard sprite (including Ghost, and museum Fossils)
– has its secondary type replaced by Fire
– knows Ember at level 1, learns Flamethrower at level 35, and can learn TM 38 Fire Blast

Dex completion and QoL changes

There are a couple of changes He wanted to try out. They are entirely optional and you can play without them if you so choose. They are almost all about being able to complete your Pokedex on your own.
– Version exclusives are now fully available. Chari is essentially Red and Zard is Blue.
— Ekans / Sandshrew is at 4 % on route 4
— Oddish / Bellsprout 4 % on route 5
— Mankey / Meowth 4 % on route 6
— Vulpix / Growlithe 4 % on route 8
— Magmar / Electabuzz are now regularly available in both versions (Power Plant / Mansion B1)
— Scyther / Pinsir in most of the Safari Zone areas.
– Trade Evolutions now also evolve at level 42.
– Moon Stones are now buyable

But also :
– Starters can be found in the wild: Bulbasaur in the grass right before Mt Moon, Charmander inside Mt Moon, and Squirtle in the grass right after Mt Moon. They are all at 1 % encounter rate.
– Hitmons can be found in Victory Road: Hitmonlee on Floor 1, Hitmonchan on Floor 3. They are at 4 %.
– Fossil mons can be found in Cerulean Cave: Omanyte on Floor B1, Kabuto on Floor 2. Also 4 %.
– He didn’t add wild Eevees, but Eevee and it’s evolutions can all evolve into one another by using the appropriate stone (e.g. Jolteon to Vaporeon with a Water Stone). Using a Moon Stone will turn it back to an Eevee. Do note that on evolution, a mon will try and learn a move it would have learned by leveling up to it’s current level : this means that evolving an Eevee to all its forms, one after the other, on level 31, for instance, will make it learn Ember, Water Gun, and Thundershock. You can also take advantage of each form’s learnable TMs.
– Ditto evolves into Mew at level 30.
– Cubone has an alternative evolution into Kangaskhan at level 42.

Mr. Mime, Lickitung, Jynx, and Farfetch’d can still only be obtained through in-game trades, Lapras and Eevee only through gift, and all static mons (Birds and Mewtwo) are still one of a kind.

All mons’ wild availability is shown in the pokédex.

He didn’t edit any catch rates, but Master Balls are buyable at Indigo Plateau for 50.000, making it easier to get legendaries, but still expensive enough and late enough in the game to not be too exploitable.

The starting PC item is now a Lemonade for those who want earlier access through Saffron. Details below.

TMs have been made reusable, and cost 3x as much since you’ll only need one. Since you have limited inventory and PC space, I made it so you could still sell them if you didn’t need/want them.

Most glitches should still work. He knows for sure the trainer-fly glitch does. He could not edit any Missigno Sprites since they aren’t sprites: they are glitchy because they try to read non-sprite data as sprites.

Misc & Observations

The everything-is-a-Fire-type thing can easily be exploited with a good Water/Rock/Ground type. This is a joke hack, so balance wasn’t really my prioity (and never will be for this project). You can either take advantage of it (starting with Squirtle makes the game really easy), or try and challenge your way through.

The Lemonade in the starting PC, if you’re not familiar with gen 1, means you can essantially skip Misty, SS Anne, Rock Tunel, etc. When getting to Cerulean, go talk to Bill up North, and the Dig-House will be open. Beat the Rocket and you can waltz in through Saffron, bribing the guards with the Lemonade. This’ll unlock 90 % of the map early, use this responsibility as you want : maybe you can get an early Eevee to make it your main mon, or maybe you want to head south to the Safari and get some mons down there ?

It’s a GB Rom and Completed. It’s English!



Download Pokemon Chari (Completed)

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