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Pokemon Tyrannosaurus

Name: Pokemon Tyrannosaurus (口袋暴龙)
Created by: Wuhan Game Group Technology Co., Ltd.
Source – credit: http://www.9game.cn/koudaibaolong/
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Tyrannosaurus. It’s A New MMO Pokemon Game from China. But It’s English! The Storyline is similar to the Pokemon Series with alternate events. Well, you can customize your characters, you can have Mega Evolution, Great Graphics and more… Hmm, It’s a first Chinese game that supports English. Anyway, You can try to play if you want! And now, Let’s go!

Starting from the familiar Zhenxin Town, carrying the ascending bag and carrying the first treasure in life, Pikachu, embarked on an unknown journey. I once captured the shy sea stars on the other side of the sea and looked for the traces of Regis in the snowy mountains. I passed through Xiaogang’s rocky forest, stepped through Xiaoxia’s water world, passed through Ma Zhishi’s lightning strikes, understood Li Jia’s persistent belief, and gained the trust of Aji. This is my story, then, what about you?

Back-up Link: It’s the version I used when I was making a video!

It’s an Android and Online Game. It’s English!



Download Pokemon Tyrannosaurus (Offcial Link)

–Download Back-up Version bellow–

Download Pokemon Tyrannosaurus APK (Back-up Link)

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