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Pokemon Summit Trials

Name: Pokemon Summit Trials
Created by: thundaga
Source – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/506/
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play a Fan-made Game on PC. It’s Pokemon Summit Trials by Thundaga. You can subscribe to him in the description if you want. Anyway, this game is a series of challenges on an Island! Hmm, It’s a new region and you can catch pokemon up to gen 5, Randomized Starters with 11 possible choices, Open Map design and more secrets in this game. It’s actually completed with English. And now, Let’s go!

The Summit Trials are a series of challenges that were meant to challenge the limits of trainers!
Travel to the mysterious Triata Island, and tackle the trio of difficult trials devised by Professor Sierra!
Roy and Sasha are two experienced trainers from other regions, who are taking the trial too!
Who will complete the Summit Trials first?
At the Summit of each mountain is a Trial Leader!
Prepare for a difficult battle!
Will you be able to complete the Summit Trials?

An entire island full of secrets to explore
Three mountains to climb
Wild and Trainer level scaling
Open map design (go where you want from the beginning)
Randomized Starters (11 possible choices)
Rivals also have randomized starters
Approximately 6hrs of gameplay
Gen 1-5 Pokemon
Gen 5 soundtrack
Many secrets and easter eggs
More and more

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/thundaga
Twitch: twitch.tv/thundagastream

I will provide 2 types of links for Fan-made Game by now! Official Link is the link I downloaded from the source link and I will provide on this post. I don’t respond with that link about ads or dead links! Back up link is a link from Pokemoner.com. Pokemoner.com tries to back up the game on Pokemoner’s data. It will be re-update if it’s dead!

It’s a PC Game and Completed. It’s English!



Download Pokemon Summit Trials v1.3 (Completed – Official Link)

— Back-up links below—

Download Pokemon Summit Trials v1.3 (Completed – Back-Up Link)

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