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Pokemon Moon Black 2

Nimi: Pokemon Moon Black 2 (Completed)
Hakkeroitu: JrFort and his team
Perustuen: Pokemon Black 2
Follow JrFort’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IwtaF1leLA
Source – credit: https://www.facebook.com/PkmnMoonBlack2/
Pokemon Moon Black 2’s Discord: https://discord.gg/j9863Ym
Hello, Welcome back to pokemoner.net and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play.. hmm No, we will replay.. hmm no, I’m mean Pokemon Moon Black 2, by JrFort and his team, comes back but It’s actually completed, Main Completed. So ok, The first, you should know what the main completed was. The main completed is mean you can play up to Elite 4! And you can see the rolling credit. Ok, Come back and let’s see about this game. You are Sun and Moon Characters and travel to Unova with more and more Features such as Pokemon from Alola, you can catch Gen 8 starters if you are lucky, new rivals, New gym Leader, Elite Four, and Champion… all are from Alola Region. New Items, New Moves, New Events, and Mega Evolution out battle, Pokemon World Tournament with trainers from every region. That’s it. Well, Thank you JrFort and Moon Black 2 Team for hacking this game. It’s completed and English. And now, Let’s play!

– New Pokemon
– Unova Forms and Alola Forms
– New Rivals
– New Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion
– New Items
– New Moves
– New Events
– Mega Evolution (Outside of battle)
– Harder Difficulty
– Fairy Type and the new type chart
– Brand New Pokemon World Tournament – With Trainers From Every Region

Pokemon That can Mega Evolve:

Beta v4.2 – September 28, 2020
Fixes by DeadSkullzJr
– Partially fixed the hall of fame crashes on real hardware and DraStic.
DO NOT bring pure fairy types into the hall of fame, that will still give an error.
– Partially fixed the Pokemon party screen bug for TWiLightMenu.
Viewing summaries individually is still broken, switching Pokemon works however.

Fixes by Aster
– Fixed Ash’s team, now Mega Venusaur was replaced with Mega Charizard Y

Beta v4.1 – September 21, 2020
– Gym related issues have been fixed for the first gym.

Beta v4.0 – August 18, 2020
Fixes by DeadSkullzJr
– Added custom game icon and banner information
– Restored DSi enhanced features (work in progress)
– Fixed the Pokemon summary screen (still problematic on TWiLightMenu)
– Fixed compatibility for emulators and flashcarts
– Fixed PWT tournaments

Other Notable Fixes by Aster and JrFort
– Fixed Pikachu in All Ash Battles – Now Male and only has hat in final battle(hat is now Alola hat)
– Fixed Cynthia team in Custom Event Battle
– Fixed Cynthia team Post-game battle
– Fixed Ilima Team

– Sylveon now has the correct name
– Talonflame now has the correct name
– Rematch Elite Four now have the correct name
– Champion now has the correct name

– Johto starters now have weather related hidden abilities
– Mega Venusaur is now Grass and Poison
– Fixed bug that causes Mega Venusaur to evolve
– Fixed bug that causes Mega Charizard to evolve

Need to fix the Bounsweet and Talonflame line moves

– Fixed MoonBlast issue where it boosts instead of reducing the opponents special defense

Working on adding Post-Game Battles.
Current Progress:

– Rainbow Rocket(Numeva Town & N’s Castle)
– Guzma(Dragonspiral Tower)
– Colress (Skull Frigate)
– Gladion (Undella Town then Driftvel City)
– Elite Four(Pokemon League)
– Champion(Pokémon League)
– Alder(House north of Flocessy Town)
– Cynthia(Undella Town)
– Steven & Diantha (Icirrus City)
– Alder and Cynthia (Icirrus City)

Nacrene City:
– Gym Leader Rematch Nate
– Gym Leader Rematch Roxie
– Gym Leader Rematch Ilima
– Gym Leader Rematch Mallow
– Gym Leader Rematch Mina
– Gym Leader Rematch Kiawe
– Gym Leader Rematch Lana

Throughout Unova in different locations:
– Rematch Lillie
– Rematch Nanu
– Rematch Giovanni
– Rematch Guzma
– Rematch Dexio
– Rematch Samson Oak
– Rematch Ryuki
– Rematch Kukui and Burnet

The Big 3:
– Levels 90+, Each uses a Legendary
– Maiden Tammy(Celestial Tower)
– Vetern Julia(Twist Mountain)
– Vetern Shaun(Wellspring Cave)

– Added Pokémon in Overworld beside gym leaders
– Fixed scripts for johto starters that caused all 3 to be encountered as Totodile
– Fixed script for Unova form Arbok encounter in relic castle
– Colress now gives metagross mega stone after rematch battle with him in the post-game
– Temporarily replaced the modified Xtransceiver sprites with the original to prevent issues

This update should make it possible to run this version of the ROM hack on any platform
regardless of using a flashcart or emulator on whatever platform you choose. You will
no longer be required to use the NDS firmware or BIOS anymore on emulation since the
ROM hack is now properly built to run the way it was supposed to. DSi information restoration
is still in progress, full support isn’t there quite yet.

The summary screen is still a problem when playing the game on TWiLightMenu, however the
issue was fixed for original hardware and emulation.

Beta 3: Will Having 8 Gyms – Elite 4 and Playable Post Game!

If you are having a hall of fame crash then download version 4.2!
Do NOT bring a Pokémon with a primary typing of Fairy to the Hall of Fame if they have a secondary typing that’s Fairy then there shouldn’t be any problem.
Do NOT talk to Lance in Nimbassa City Stadium he was never intended to be in this update so his script is buggy.

It’s an NDS Hack Rom and Completed. It’s English! But it will have more updates in the future to fix some issues!

UsrCheat.dat is working with Pokemon Moon Black 2 Beta 4.1 (Completed): https://www.pokemoner.net/usrcheat-dat-for-drastic-by-pokemoner-com



Download Pokemon Moon Black 2 Beta 4.2

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