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Pokemon Bloody Diamond

Name: Pokemon Bloody Diamond
Hacked by: Buffy
Based on: Pokemon Diamond
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=148079
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Bloody Diamond. It’s an NDS Hack Rom and based on Pokemon Diamond by Buffy. Anyway, Maybe you can know Pokemon Bloody Platinum. Yeah and this game is the same. You can have a new rival, new characters, catch 12 starters so easy, catchable 493 Pokemon, wild pokemon is stronger, gym and rival are stronger and more… anyway, If you find an NDS Hack Rom to play. So Let’s this game!


catch all 493 Pokemon (you can really catch all Pokemon as wild Pokemon)
it is possible to catch 491 before you deafeat the Elite 4
Legendary Pokemon from the previous Versions are very very rare
through in-game trades, you can get Oak´s Letter, Member Card, Azure Flute (and the Pokeradar). With these Items you can catch Shaymin, Darkrai and Arceus
Starter Pokemon: Treecko, Charmander and Totodile
catch all 12 Starter Pokemon very early in the game
fish more Pokemon than Magicarp with the Old Rod
stronger wild Pokemon (up to level 90)
much stronger Gym Leaders
and the nearly invincible Elite 4 and their Champion: “The Legendary 5”
Every Pokemon of “The Legendary 5” uses a specific moveset on some Routes, you can catch up to 18 different Pokemon some Pokemon only appear at special daytimes (e.g. nocturnal Pokemon ONLY at night)
a lot of wild pokemon hold items (e.g. every Wild Chansey holds a Lucky egg
you can get every berry from wild Pokemon
Eevee as intro Pokemon(currently only in the English Version)
use your “old” savegame from the “normal” Diamond Version to play Bloody Diamond

a lot of new sprites e.g.
new main characters
new rival—new mother—new galactic boss—new Legendary 5 (elite 4)—new tower boss
The “old” rival is now the 8th gym leader
Oak as the new prof
I overworked every pokemon route, (because there were a lot of bugs in every route, cave, etc.) now you can catch at every route at least 10(up to 14) different pokemon!!!
I created “diurnal and nocturnal pokemon system” >>> some pokemon appear only at a specific daytime
if you defeat the “Legendary 5″(Elite 4 and champ) 20 times your rival will use 6 Legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh in the “weekend battles”
the rival and the Gym Leaders use other and much stronger Pokemon
some pokemon learn new attacks e.g.: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Meganium, etc.: Frenzy Plant/Blast Burn/Hydro Cannon at level66; Electivire: volt tackle at level 77
catch the “Bloody Dialga


It’s an NDS Hack Rom and Completed. It’s English!

All links are fixed – Mar, 14 2020!



Download Pokemon Bloody Diamond v1.1 (Completed)

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