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Pokemon Aquamarine

Name: Pokemon Aquamarine
Remade by: AquamarineVaporeon/Vaporeon22
Remade from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=425937
Hello, Welcome back to ducumon.me and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we come back and play Pokemon Aquamarine! It’s a Great Series that has more GBA Hack Rom: Pokemon Opal, Pokemon Aquamarine, Pokemon Topaz, Pokemon Garnet, Pokemon Amethyst, Pokemon Onyx, Pokemon Turquoise, Pokemon Quartz, Pokemon Zircon. So I actually know this series a long time but I forget to post it! Now it update up to 9 games in this series. Pokemon Aquamarine has 9 GBA Hack Rom by AquamarineVaporeon (Vaporeon22)! What is the difference between all 9 versions? It’s the title screen, the pokemon of your rivals. This game has a new region is based on South America, the starter is Eevee, pokemon up to Alola region, new rivals, and more… So well, it’s completed with English. And now, Let’s go!

Pokémon Aquamarine is one out of nine variants of the same game, each corresponding with Eevee or one of its evolutions. There aren’t many major differences between the variations, but the title screens are different, and the team your rival uses changes depending on the version. If you’re unsure of which to play, I suggest going with your favorite!
These variations include:
Opal- Eevee
Aquamarine- Vaporeon
Topaz- Jolteon
Garnet- Flareon
Amethyst- Espeon
Onyx- Umbreon
Turquoise- Leafeon
Quartz- Glaceon
Zircon- Sylveon

If you’re curious about what differences it makes to the Rival’s team…
Aquamarine/Topaz/Garnet: Rival’s team contains either Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon
Amethyst/Onyx/Zircon: Rival’s team contains either Espeon, Umbreon, or Sylveon
Opal/Turquoise/Quartz: Rival’s team contains either Eevee, Leafeon, or Glaceon

Pokémon Aquamarine starts out with the player having a strange dream, where the local Professor, Professor Palm, tells him/her that they’ve turned into a Mew. A group of Scientists (Team Tactix) inspired by the Mewtwo event that occurred in the Kanto region 7 years ago are supposedly responsible for the sudden change. When the player wakes up, he/she finds out that they’ve actually turned into a Mew. It is then the player’s goal to figure out how to return to their human body.

The plotline diverges whether the player chose to be male or female.

In the male plotline, the player turns into a regular Mew. The following spoilers contain lore and some gameplay spoilers.
In this timeline, Team Tactix obtains a bit of Mew’s DNA. They reverse-engineer this DNA and are able to synthesize whatever Pokémon they desire in the future. This sudden influx of genetically engineered Pokémon causes the future’s ecosystem to collapse, so that timeline’s Celebi goes back in time to prevent Team Tactix from creating that future. In the process of genetic experimentation with Mew’s DNA, Team Tactix manages to synthesize a Shiny Mew.

In the female plotline, the player turns into a shiny Mew. The following spoilers contain lore and some gameplay spoilers.
In this timeline, the leader of Team Tactix caught a Shiny Celebi in the past, which gives him an obsession with Shiny Pokémon. When the player shows up, the Team Tactix leader is determined to capture this Shiny Mew that appeared out of nowhere, but fails and only manages to obtain a DNA sample. He tries to reverse-engineer the DNA sample, but is unable to synthesize a clone out of it. Instead, he manages to figure out when Mew used to live on Earth and uses Shiny Celebi to travel back in time and capture Mew.

Aquamarine incorporates a lot of themes from both science and science fiction. I suggest playing to find out, but if you’re really curious…
Ecosystem Conservation
Genetic Experiments and their moral implications
Time Travel
Parallel Universes
Earth Science/History
The Creation of the Pokémon Universe

And one big one: Shiny Pokémon
This aspect of Aquamarine was inspired by the Cute Charm glitch in Gen 4
If every other Pokémon you find is Shiny, do those Pokémon lose their value to you?
Are you the type of person to mash A in the Game Corner just to get some more Stardust?
I’m interested in how people go about this mechanic.

New Region-based off South America
New Subregions based on Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica
Starter is Eevee
New Story with a diverging plot depending on gender
Added Pokémon from Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola
Added custom Fakemon
Customized Trainers
Increased overall trainer level
Added Fairy Type
Added Physical/Special Split
Added new moves
Decapitalized most in-game text
All 401 Pokémon in-game are obtainable
Trade Evolutions obtainable through Level-Up
All Eevee Evolutions obtainable through Evolutionary Stones

Additional Features (Spoiler Warning)
Obtaining Stardust usually guarantees the next Pokémon to be shiny
You can buy Stardust at the game corner with 9999 casino coins
Different endings depending on what choice you make at the Elite Four
Yes, this includes a “good” ending
Post-game playable without saving at Elite Four
Shiny Lugia has Shadow Lugia colors from XD Gale of Darkness
Shiny Dialga has Primal Dialga colors from Explorers of Time/Darkness
Fossil revival brings back alternate versions of the fossil Pokémon
When reviving fossils, talking to the fossil revival guy a second time before picking up your revived fossil causes the fossil to be shiny

Legendary + Special Pokémon Locations
Legendary Pokémon:

Articuno – Static encounter inside Icicle Islands
Zapdos – Static encounter inside Power Plant
Moltres – Static encounter at Mt. Helios
Mewtwo – Static encounter inside Solstice Cave after clearing postgame
Mew – Static encounter at Genesis Island, requires defeating elite four twice + “good ending”
Raikou – Random encounter inside Power Plant *, Roaming depending on starter
Entei – Random encounter at Mt. Helios *, Roaming depending on starter
Suicune – Random encounter inside Icicle Islands *, Roaming depending on starter
Ho-Oh – Static encounter inside Mt. Mythos after clearing postgame
Lugia – Static encounter inside Mt. Mythos after clearing postgame
Celebi – Static encounter at Kronos Island, requires defeating elite four twice + “good ending”
Regirock – Random encounter at Mt. Helios *
Regice – Random encounter inside Icicle Islands *
Registeel – Random encounter inside Power Plant *
Latias – Random encounter inside Triunfo Road *
Latios – Random encounter inside Triunfo Road *
Kyogre – Random encounter at Alpha Abyss
Groudon – Random encounter at Delta Desert
Rayquaza – Random encounter at Quasar Cavern
Jirachi – Random encounter inside Solstice Cave *
Deoxys – Static encounter inside Mt. Mythos after clearing postgame
Dialga – Static encounter at Eievui Chambers, requires defeating elite four twice + “good ending”
*One of these legendaries can be round via random encounter at Quasar Cavern depending on the version of the game

Special Pokémon:

Omanyte (OG) – Revived from Helix Fossil obtained at Nova City
Omastar(OG) – Evolve Omanyte (OG)
Kabutops (Fossil) – Revived from Dome Fossil obtained at Mt. Ande, Random encounter at Floot Island
Aerodactyl (Fossil) – Revived from Old Amber obtained at Mt. Ande, Random encounter at Floot Island
Ghost – Random encounter at bottom floor of Machu Pichu
Missingno. – Random encounter surfing at Estrella Island

Trainer Tips: An easy way to find these is by using Repels on lower-leveled Pokémon

NOTICE: Early versions of the hack (1.0.X) had several game-crashing bugs with Rock Smash. 1.1.0 also has a bug regarding Stardust. Please update to 1.1.3 if you are having issues.
Version 1.1.3 Update (3/18/2020)
Updated sprite for Dolphry M
Updated sprite for Dolphry F
Updated sprite for Triphin
Updated sprite for Narwish
Text Fixes

It’s a GBA Rom and Completed. It’s English!



Pokédex + New Methods of Evolution
Download Pokemon Aquamarine v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Garnet v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Amethyst v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Zircon v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Turquoise v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Topaz v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Quartz v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Opal v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Onyx v1.1.3 (Completed)

–Download CIA for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below–
Download Pokemon Aquamarine v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Garnet v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Amethyst v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Zircon v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Turquoise v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Topaz v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Quartz v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Opal v1.1.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Onyx v1.1.3 CIA (Completed)

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