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Pokemon Ultra Quartz – Lets Go! Blobbos

Name: Pokemon Ultra Quartz – Lets Go! Blobbos
Remake by: Camerupt
Source – credit: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4025/
Today, I will play Pokemon Ultra Quartz – let’s Go! Blobbos! It’s based on Pokemon Quartz! Maybe you can know that game. So This game will have 386 Fakemon with completely new stats, National Dex Early, Harder than Pokemon Quartz, Mini Sprite from Pokemon Emerald, Game Corner, Battle Tower in-game, 7 new quest,.. and more and more.. So You can have Blobbos, a Fakemon from Pokemon Clover. It’s Completed with version 2 and English. Anyway, Thanks BARO BOAR for hacking Pokemon Quartz and thanks Camerupt for remaking Ultra Quartz – Let’s Go! Blobbos. And It’s a GBA Rom!

Originally created for the Le Ruse Bird drunken funtime twitch stream, this is a big improvement hack of the 2006 romhacking classic by BARO BOAR himself: Pokemon Quartz.

In addition to the original game’s classic spanglish glory, there are a number of major changes including:

Completely unique new stats and movesets for all 386 of Baro’s fakemon (in the original they just had the stats of whatever they had replaced in the dex)
National Dex available from the start with nearly all of the Pokemon made available
Every single trainer in the game edited, higher level curve and other enhancements
Overworld tiles from Pokemon Emerald instead of RS
Re-enabled Game Corner
Re-enabled Battle Tower, take the ultimate challenge in Corna!
Several new quests including guest appearances by a certain group of blue afroed men from another famous romhack by The Cutlerine
And most importantly, a very special friend from Pokemon Clover: Blobbos!

Known bugs:
some tile errors around the battle tower

1.1 – fixed a crashing bug in white jungle
1.2 – several miscelaneous bugfixes
1.3 – fixed bugged movesets and added a few more legendary events
1.4 – new legendary event, fixed a bugged trainer, new postgame rematch, fixed a few TM learnsets
2.0 – added final area, bugfixes

It’s GBA and Completed. It’s English!



Download Pokemon Ultra Quartz – Lets Go! Blobbos version 2.0 (Completed)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–

Download Pokemon Ultra Quartz – Lets Go! Blobbos version 2.0 CIA (Completed)

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