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Pokemon Cremisi Portals

Name: Pokemon Cremisi Portals
Created by: Bl00d-Kirito
Source – credit: https://www.facebook.com/Pok%C3%A9mon-Cremisi-Portals-927641137278833/
Pokemon Cremisi Portals is a Fanmade Game for PC (RPGXP) with Italian. In this game, you can have a new storyline with a new region. It’s very very Special and Good to play. But the last version is v1.1.5 and not had any news about the next version until now.

The reason why the game title is half italian (Cremisi means Crimson), half english is that the former makes the project recognizable as italian, while the latter serves to make it an international project as well, not confined in its closed native country.

However, welcome to the Fysor region! This is quite a strange land, as due to a mountain range dividing it into two different sections, half of it suffers harsh temperatures, while the other benefits from gentle breezes and sun. This separation has influenced the people which had settled in the region: as such, they ended up divided into two tribes, Kaori and Akahi. Not much time had passed before the two of them waged each other war, due to a certain betrayal committed by a girl. Nevertheless, tragedy was avoided, thanks to an alliance between a Hero and a legendary pokémon. Of that event we have only one last proof: a sacred tree called Yggrasil, which was born from the ashes of the two. And so, every year Fysor’s princess elects a young boy and a girl to guard the sacred tree, in order not for its true power to be unleashed, by giving each of them a precious pendant, the Cremispirto or else the Cremisalma.

The main character has escaped from a tragic event which had condemned the Fysor region five year before, and now he finds himself in a society which he doesn’t belong anymore to: humans and pokémon live underground, in the city of Sinforia. Running the new civilization is Team Wire’s job, which organizes expeditions hoping to find new aquifers and ancient artifacts. One day, though, one of the members of the team, which besides proves to be really friendly towards the player, finds a crimson portal which, according to him, would be able to travel back in time: and so, the main character and the survivors of Sinforia decide to make the great step… but will they really experience a time travel?

It’s PC Game (RPGXP) and Beta. It’s Italian!



Download Pokemon Cremisi Portals Demo v1.1.5 (Beta)

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