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Pokemon Christmas Night

Name: Pokemon Christmas Night
Created by: Oracle of Delphox
Source – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/1167/
At Christmas time, it’s always nice to listen a Christmas-themed story…So He decided to create my own fan-made game based on a story set at Christmas.

In this game, you will not play a very long advenure, but you will be the star of a story that He hope will entertain you.
He’s an Italian guy, so be patient if you will find some grammatic or syntactical errors…
Are you ready to return a child for one night?

You are a poor child who lives in Pallet Town. Once you fulfilled some committees you wake up in the middle of the night because of some noises. You find out that the cause of these noises is Santa Claus, who is trying to enter the chimney. You think that you are dreaming, but you accept to go to his workshop. When you arrive, you discover that the workshop is under attack. Will you be able to help Santa and save Christmas?

Pokemon up to Generation 5
Only boy character
Music of generations 1 and 5
Tileset of generation 5
At the end of the game, you can catch a special Pikachu on a new route, battle against Leaf any time you want and I have insered a funny skirt with an important character.
New battle command buttoms.
Pallet Town and Viridian City maps have been recreated
The game lasts about an hour and a half
There aren’t three starters: you will be given a Winter Saswsbuck as your first Pokémon

Contect to Author: delphox.oracle@gmail.com

It’s PC Game (RPGXP) and completed. It’s English!



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