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Pokemon Ultrameme Adventure

Name: Pokemon Ultrameme Adventure
Created by: MydearHarambe
Source – credit: http://www.pokemonhacking.it/showthread.php?tid=4510
Venture into the wild land of Memeland , home of the most ignorant Pokememes, discover its secrets and shed light on its origins. Your life as an ordinary little boy (or little girl) who has suffered from Fortnite will forever be upset by the meeting with the mysterious Prof. Uga who will direct you on the path of Dank and redemption from your being, sad, lonely and always on Youtube. Explore one of the three islands of Memeland, the island of Pepe and capture all its Pokememes. Face off against the most ignorant enemies you face, evacuate the plans of the evil Emoji team and shed light on the secret of the legendary Meme, Pepe the frog.


• More than 121 new Pokememes based on some of the funniest memes ever appeared on the face of the internet.
• New peculiar moves for some Pokememes.
• New names for 80% of the moves already present.
• A compelling storyline that becomes increasingly important as you progress through the game.

• Charismatic and original enemies and characters that will accompany you throughout your adventure.
• Various maps and customized tilesets.
• Challenging bossbattle and a medium-high overall difficulty level, but not frustrating. It takes a head!
• NPCs with long and varied quests. Among these are some inspired by the great Italian Pokefanatici (Pardini, Cydonia, Dlarzz).
• Numerous references to videogame culture, nerds and memes, on which the whole creative direction is based.


This game is PC Game with Italian. It’s Completed (current version 1-3 ° _ 09/09/2019)!

If you see the crazy text in my gameplay and you can’t play with that, so you can install all fonts at “Fonts da installare folder”. It will fix the word spacing!



Download Pokemon Ultrameme Adventure 1-3 ° _ 09/09/2019 (Completed)

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