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Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.a – Invest Vexes

Name: Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.a – Invest Vexes
Remake by: Satochu, Popy, wwwww, Desvol and his team
Translated into english: MrTienduc (Pokemoner.com)
Source – credit: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6251600966
This game is full Features Hack for Pokemon Emerald. This game, You can have Mega in Battle and Z-move In Battle. So you can catch more legendary Pokemon with more rivels up to gen 7. This Game has Pokemon with Galar Form!

So with English version Patch 1, Pokemoner.com actually translated:
All Pokemon Name up to 809
All Attack Name from v3
Fixed All Nature Name
Ability up to gen 3
Translated Mode Option
Fixed Mega Evolve or Z-moves in Battle!
EXP: You can gain exp normally!
NoEXP: Your Pokemon can’t gain exp!
How you can switch the mode? Open Menu, Option and Choose The Mode then you should lose and you can come to that mode!

– In view of some OCD players, such as me… You can replace Pokémon’s ball in the Ultimate Research Room at Dawu Mansion!
– It is worth noting that the Master Ball can’t replace the ball! Don’t ask me why, the hour hand is set! Hhh

[Full Fossil Resurrection]
– On the second floor of Devon Company, you can resurrect all kinds of fossil props into Bao Kemeng. The specific fossil distribution site should be explored on its own
– but it can give the most fossils in 2 major regions, such as this update. [Island], and the monuments under the Fossil House

[Partial material optimization]
-Mega Lucario is come back!
– There are other material optimizations, explore the rom yourself, including the frogs, etc…

[Plot settings]
– Due to time constraints, this time from the oras plot to the ultimate hole story I only Completed the first story of the ultimate hole, please watch the npc story dialogue, don’t miss the direction
– the current hole process must pass the first hole, after the Rockets’ decisive battle, other extreme holes In order to be open
– the next version will be continuously updated in the short term in order to continuously update the story.
– Remember, after playing the extreme hole and super dream, the main line of the story is gone for a while, and it will be changed back to the old version of other extreme hole exploration games in the past
– except for the poisonous sorrow, other treasures, all the beasts, the whole beast 806 Can be obtained!
– The exclusive Z setting is currently only completed with the acquisition of the QZ, and the other exclusive Zs are gradually open
– the skill machine can get 124 TM! The remaining 4 are not yet open! Stay tuned!
– Original Mega stone open Feng Wang Mega, the remaining 2 generations of Royal Three are temporarily unavailable, the follow-up will gradually open the
current process plot [First Premier Cave] Red Red” Ultimate League “Rainbow Rocket” end]

[skills / characteristics Efficacy class]
– It is difficult to fix various bugs when the loss of popy support is lost, but he still tried his best.
– Fixed a bug in the previous version of hot water freezing, repairing the tile, the spirit of the teeth, clearing the fog to clear the aurora screen on the other side of the field.
Take a look at the following:
– “Bouncy Bubble” are not AOE, they can only attack one target. “滔滔 Surfing” can attack teammates.
– The text description of the “Shell Trap” use failure is “affected by the hot sun, the water system moves into invalid.”
– “Belly Drum”, “Instruct” animation is missing, “Water soak” animation only makes the target blue so a small part.
– The text description of the “Solar Blade” power-up round is “The power of the ‘user’ has disappeared.”
– “Sparkling Aria” when the target burn status is removed, the text prompts “‘Target’ no longer ** burns.
– The description of the skill of “Hyperspace Fury” does not include the “Decrease of Self-defense”.
– When doubles, the “Baneful Bunker” skill animation collapsed – all the elves on the field disappeared, and the other elf left two shadows in our area.
– The “Thousand Waves” skill animation is green, unlike ground skills.
– The elves will still fall into a “Freeze” state on a sunny day.
– Using the ability to release the frozen state (such as hot water) in the “Freeze” state will trigger the hail weather and steal the NPC’s sprite if there is space in your backpack.
– “Gear Up” is not a special attack and physical attack.
The teammates or NPCs obtained through thieves, tricks, and bags may be different from the original props.
– “Sky Drop” will cause errors in the elf maps of both the enemy and the enemy.
The chemical power of Arora’s stinky mud is also effective when it is single.
– “Bouncy Bubble” are not AOE and can only attack one target. “Splishy Splash” can attack teammates.
– “Brick Break” and “Psychic Fangs” cannot destroy the “Aurora Veil”.
– “Beak Blast” can’t burn your opponent. If the opponent touches himself, the text prompts “‘My side elf’ burned.”
The text “Burn Up” is described as “the user is burned to death”.
– When doubles, “Laser Focus” needs to choose a target (this choice has no meaning, and the attack of the next round will be crit).

Something in v4.a:



-串档 卡在 海岛不能对战默丹的bug
-R-装甲超梦 捕获率 为0
-御三家分布的遗漏和调整 南小鸟 改为116 捕获
-添加卡比兽Z 获得, 找薯片大佬 领取, 如果领取过皮卡Z的 请去踩男主家 串档点


-剧情流程 调整:
4卡璞海岛剧情结束后》大吾宅邸会议厅找默丹》开启【究极联盟挑战】》寻找赤红》 彩虹火箭队开放》完结
-新增 初体验!公式对战(道馆、联盟、究极联盟)采用近似于PVP的基本规则
-新增 绿茵森林 【新制作组 成员-凌空羽路】 送福利道具
-新增 一周目禁止 交换宝可梦,二周目开放 宝可梦俱乐部 准许交换。
-新增 男女主 家里床上准许睡觉,时间为 10.30晚上 过后能睡觉,到隔天8.30分早上
-新增 宝可梦剑/盾 的 【暗黑蛇纹狗】, 【暗黑直冲狗】,【堵拦熊】
-新增 捕捉超梦剧情,铠甲超梦- 1/2 几率 获得【R·装甲】或【拘束装甲】
-新增 某·究极之洞 赠送【毒贝比】 ,这下809图鉴+810钢铠鸦+811堵拦熊, 可以正式收集齐全!
-新增 4卡璞海岛剧情完结, 【全属性Z】 可以获得, 【全专属Z】 可以获得, 4.5 正式完结!
-究极之洞-花蓝洞剧情完成前, 全部究极之洞 不能进入
-降低了 第一道馆的等级 与 难度
-降低了 野怪分布的等级
-修复了 火Z 霸主挑战
-修复了npc技能先至度的bug, 更改瓦吉的阵容,增加对战赠送的糖果
-修复了 学习装置 经验分配, 完全6代化
-修复了 昼夜时间,根据游戏内时钟为准
-未白镇 3代御三家 改为二周目开放
-为了让玩家更多的使用其他宝可梦进行游戏,而不是一味的使用 火鸡,忍蛙,草蛇,

-新增串档支持点事件- 【男主家二楼房间 可以选择是否串档- 重新触发 华蓝洞超梦战剧情 以及后续剧情连贯】
-新增 7代御三家专属Z 赠送, 获得Z手环后, 大吾宅邸研究室 库库伊 对话获得 3个专属Z
-新增 二代Mega石,当携带 喷火龙X&Y石 ,大吾宅邸研究室 空木博士赠送 M火爆兽石, M水箭龟石=送M大力鳄石 ,M秒花蛙=送M大菊花石
-新增Z手环获取事件,确保旧存档没有触发过 卡璞-哞哞 事件,如果触发了,请去男主家二楼报到
-新赠 大木博士 使用 特殊结晶 税换 皮卡丘Z & 伊布Z
-新增 作者之家 炎山对战获得 世界锦标赛 之约。 如果串档触发过 开拓区小智对战,请去去男主家二楼报到
-新增 作者之家 打赢炎山第二次-刷新 火岩队深处V热炎教程的炎山 & 水静商店顶楼-卖硬纸板NPC (暂时之计,之后会改别的方式刷新)
-新增 作者之家 薯片大佬 亲自赠送 小智皮卡丘Z
-通知- 收集17 石板 开放 神奥-赤日决战》 被超时空诅咒 穿越到 赤日虚空的神奥》 天冠山 找到 超时空的代理人,对战后获得见阿尔宙斯的资格>>回原本世界
-通知- 收集18 属性Z纯晶,剧情暂时未做好, 所以无提示直接 荒岛-海岛 第一次见到奈克洛兹玛 的地方 触发开启洞穴- 奈克洛兹玛捕获
-修复了 战胜究极联盟后 大吾宅邸卡死bug
-修复了 彩虹火箭队 无法进入bug
-修复了 钢虫 素材 不对应 卡盘道具 问题
-修复了 梦特性 孵蛋概率



Download Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.a – Invest Vexes English Patched v1 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.a – Invest Vexes Version Chinese (Completed)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–

Download Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.a – Invest Vexes English Patched v1 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.a – Invest Vexes Version Chinese CIA (Completed)

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