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Pokemon Fable

Name: Pokemon Fable
Created by: Dawn Bronze
Source – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/492/
As a young girl living in the Forest with her Grandma, life has been quiet and peaceful for you, if not maybe even a little boring. However, lately strange happenings have been occurring throughout the land, and before long you are thrust on an unexpected adventure, shaking up your quiet life and putting your strength and bonds with your Pokémon to the test!


Experience Pokémon training in a different time in history: this story is set in the past, before Pokéballs had been invented!
Without the PC, space in your your party is much more precious. With over 50 available Pokémon, choose those party members with care!
Explore atmospheric areas, from a tranquil forest to a bustling meadow!
And much more!

POKEMON FABLE v1.1 Changelog


– Fixed the crashing trainers in Gloaming Cavern.
– Fixed a number of bugs and oddities.
– Added the Exp. Charm.
– Added a few more healing spots.
– Removed and shuffled around some of the early game trainers.
– Tweaked the mid-game balance.
– Tweaked a handful of Pokémon’s evolution methods.

Known Issues
– If you lose to Virizion, you won’t be able to catch anything. Beating Virizion or any other possessed Pokémon in the overworld should fix it. This’ll be fixed in v1.2.
– Sometimes the game might throw an error in battle for some reason, that’s just an oversight with the game itself but it shouldn’t crash the game.
– Oops you can get a Premier Ball by purchasing 10 Red Apricorns. Ignore this future technology for now!

Q and A
Q: How do I release Pokémon?
A: You can release Pokémon from your party menu.


Q: Do the herbal medicine decrease happiness?
A: Yes, but a very minimal amount. You’ll quickly get any lost happiness back and then some just by walking around and battling.

Q: What’s the shiny rate?
A: 0%. Shiny Pokémon aren’t in Pokémon Fable.

This game is v1.1 (Completed) with English. It’s RPGXP! RPGXP is Platform where the creator can make RPG-Game for Windows!



Download Pokemon Fable v1.1 (Completed)

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