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Pokemon Evolve Eevee

Name: Pokemon Evolve Eevee
Created by: BluePlays
Source – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/491/
You are an Eevee. You used to belong to a trainer but at some point, during your journey, he decides to abandon you because you are too weak and that you are not worth taking care of. You are found by a daycare employee and are taken back to the daycare. You stay in the daycare for many years. You start to miss your days when you were battling and so you decide that you are going to leave the daycare. However, you don’t just want to battle, you still wish you could somehow prove that Eevees are not useless Pokemon and so, you decide to go on a journey. A journey to defeat all of the eeveelutions. You think that doing that will make you get a trainer, a better trainer and one that won’t abandon you. You will train with them and battle with them. When you try to leave the daycare you are stopped by someone, I just wonder who…

Future update plans.
– Adding more NPCs with more dialogue and more items and TMs for you to obtain.
– Adding more trainers and possibly trainer rematches to further help you level up for post-game challenges!
V 3.2
– Added a post-game adventure, to track down some mysterious feathers and battle some powerful legendaries in a new area up north.
– Added and modified encounters for old and new locations.
– Fixed even more bugs, mainly some item bugs where you could infinitely gain certain items.
– Also fixed some post-game events that weren’t working properly.

V 3.1
– Added more post-game stuff, explore some extra areas and battle rare legendaries!
– Updated some graphics and fixed some small graphical and tile errors.
– Fixed more bugs, some previous post-game areas were unobtainable.
– Fixed music bug, bg music wouldn’t play when you entered any area.
– Slightly modified trainers and added more items to collect.

V 3.0 FULL Release!
– Expanded the game, improved the levels and balanced all the trainers, wild pokemon and Eeveelution battles.
-Changed the UI to make the game feel fresh and clean.
-Fixed many bugs, including the Jolteon cave one. Preventing you to progress through the game.
-More Post-game, definitely continue the game.

V 2.0
– Added a way to expand your party!
-Change some UI things to give the game a cleaner and a unique feel
-Added level scaling to make the game less grinding heavy.
-Balanced some trainers, such as Cool Trainer Terry. His exploding Pineco was not easy to beat.
-Added a couple new locations to explore post-game

Some extra stuff you might want to know.
-Jumpluff, talk to him more than once, way more than once.

-Initial Release.

This game is v3.2 (Completed) with English. It’s RPGXP! RPGXP is Platform where the creator can make RPG-Game for Windows!



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