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Pokemon Cobalto Azul

Name: Pokemon Cobalto Azul
Remake by: Milotix
Based on: Pokemon Ruby
Source – credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMhQRLY9mkw

A long time ago, on a small island of Zunert Island, three brothers were born and raised:
And as I said the prophecy, one born to rule the continent under the shadow of evil, the other for his power ambicón want to be emperor, everything is destruction, and the third can be recovered and by the good will triumph ..

Optional Missions
Throughout the game development there are several optional and secondary missions.
Note: According to my criteria, an optional mission is a mission that you can do or not, only that, for example, at the end of the game you cannot do it. And a high school is when they run during or after the development of the game only that it has a parallel history that the hack itself has.
Islands with hungry “autochthonous”
Each island has a different hungry, which throughout the development of the game will know the history of each island of the hungry.
More and more enigmatic riddles!
New Characters, new stories and new events!
Old places to relive …!
As in the old beta … There are old places of the old betas to revive!
Graphic Section!
A new graphic section! As for example, door and water animations (credits to ozumas for its water base, only that I modify it to my liking = D, eh ignore the error of the flower, it escaped me, then I circulate it = D)
Everything this and much more!

Known Bugs:
On the ship, when you just arrived, if you open the Menu, when you close it you control Milotix and it locks.
The PC Storage is not yet available, since it is in the room, and the rooms are not available in the B1

This game is GBA Rom and based on Pokemon Ruby. It’s just Beta 1 with Spanish – English!



Download Pokemon Cobalto Azul Beta 1 (Beta)
–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–
Download Pokemon Cobalto Azul Beta 1 CIA (Beta)

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