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Pokemon Cobalt (PC)

Name: Pokemon Cobalt (PC)
Created by: SharkTooth
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=424697
“You are a fresh Pokémon Trainer, ready to set out into the region you call home, Rueson. Experience a journey to be the No 1 trainer with your friends and rival trainers, Kyle and Hannah, a brother and sister duo who are both eager to prove their worth alongside their Pokemon companions, and uncover the secrets of long lost Pokémon powers unique to this Region! Not all is well in the Rueson Region, however, as the sinister forces of Team Envex plot to harness mysterious powers of their own and complete their dominance over Rueson and beyond. Put an end to their schemes and uncover hidden truths that reveal that nothing is what it seems to be.”

Pokémon Cobalt is set in the Rueson (Ru-son) Region, a region diverse in both Pokémon , people and climates. The region is heavily inspired the real Australian State of Victoria and many of its towns/cities and landmarks are linked to real world locations.
The regional dex for this game has been tailored to reflect both the place it was inspired by and also to keep the game as balanced as possible.

Pokemon Cobalt introduces two new major features to the Pokemon game experience:
Weak To: Steel, Psychic, Aura
Resists: Fairy, Ghost, Dark
Super Effective Against: Ghost, Dragon, Fairy
Resisted By: Dark, Aura, Steel, Psychic
Some Pokémon with this new typing:
Clefairy Line -> Fairy/Cosmic
Lunatone -> Cosmic/Dark
Solrock -> Cosmic/Fire
Starmie -> Water/Cosmic

And Moves:
Lunar Dance
Morning Sun
Spacial Rend
Cosmic Power
Meteor Mash
Comet Punch

Weak To: Fairy, Poison
Resists: Psychic, Fighting, Ghost, Cosmic
Super Effective Against: Fighting, Ghost, Dark, Cosmic
Resisted By: Poison, Fairy
Some Pokémon with this new typing:
Lucario -> Fighting/Aura
Mienfoo -> Aura
Arcanine -> Fire/Aura
Meditite -> Aura/Psychic

And Moves:
Aura Sphere
Focus Punch
Focus Energy
Focus Balst
Calm Mind
Force Palm
Vacuum Wave

Guide to JobsM
Somewhat originally inspired by the Pokémon Birthsigns Script. The Pokémon Job System reflects a class system similar to your typical RPG game. Each job gives a Pokémon special abilities both inside and outside of battle, some even interact with their surroundings to unlock hidden areas.

Current Jobs:
1. MAGE: Specializes in increased Special Stats
2. WARRIOR: Specialises in increased Physical Stats
3. KNIGHT: Specialises in increased Defensive Stats
4. THEIF: Has increased Speed and a chance to pick up special items after battle.
5. HUNTER: Increases chances of encountering and capturing wild Pokemon.
6. NECROMANCER: Inflicts Pokemon with a status condition at the start of a battle.
7. KITTYMANCER: WIld Pokemon are more likely to be shiny and have an increased chance of holding an item.
8. MONK: The Pokemon gains more EVs per battle and increases the power of punching moves.
9. GEOMANCER: Uses the power of the land to invoke special powers.
10. DRAGOON: Immune to entry hazards and terrain effects. Also affects Dragon Type Moves.
11. CLERIC: Has access to special healing moves outside of battle.
12. TACTICIAN: Boosts damage in battle under various conditions.

Leveling Jobs:
Each Pokémon you defeat in battle will earn you a separate set of ‘job exp’ that will eventually level up your Pokémon’s Job Level. Each Job has 5 Levels, with each level unlocking a new ability or power for most Jobs. For example, levelling up the Mage Job will increase S. ATK and S.DEF stats. See the guide mentioned above for a breakdown of what is unlocked at each level.
The rate of earning Job EXP is slower than earning regular exp. Currently you should expect a Job to be fully levelled around Lvl 70-ish.

New Stuff:

Added new Event Scenes
– After defeating Opal, Professor Banksia will greet you outside the gym in a new cutscene and give you the PokeGear
-The Old Lady in front of Kilka Spire will now tell you a story about the Four Spires. (Still needs work as an actual cutscene)

-Added extra signs in Melba City to help identify important locations
-Professor Banksia now has a proper OW Sprite

Bug Fixes
-Yanna no longer stands outside of the sewers too early
-Fixed La Laurie not talking to the player to progress the story. NOTE: If you already encountered this bug after rescuing the Eevee, I’m afraid you will need to start another play through :-/
-Fixed various text issues

New Stuff:
-Players can now travel to Route 4 after the events in Melba City
-The second encounter with Hannah is now slightly more difficult.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed minor text and graphical issues
-The library no longer spreads fake news about a ‘Samurai’ Job that does not exist.
-A Bug Catcher in Jade Forest should now notice you senpai
-Lass CeeCee will try less to end your hopes and dreams with her Komala
-The patrons of the Melba Casino are no longer lifeless zombies that stare at the slot machines

Bug Fixes
-Fixed Game Config File
-Fixed all of the audio missing…..
-An officer in Melba City will no longer talk about his shopping habits
-The customers at the internet cafe are no longer lifeless zombies that simply stare at you.
-Cleaned up leftover debugs

Initial Release



Download Pokemon Cobalt v0.35 (PC) (Beta)

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