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Pocket Tour

Name: Pocket Tour – 口袋妖怪复刻:口袋之旅
Created by: 深圳市中顺和盈科技有限公司
Source – credit: https://sj.qq.com/myapp/detail.htm?apkName=com.tencent.tmgp.pocketmon
The new version of “Pokemon Replica” “Heartbeat Battle” is coming! The new romantic gameplay, the people who set the life, welcome the golden jade; the new training system tests the temple, enhances the spirit of the elves, and once again picks up the pockets; there are also many popular elves to welcome the MEGA form, the elves’ exclusive skills and features to join, many cute pets Great counterattack! A new chapter in pocket adventure is officially launched, with the elves, with the goal of the strongest trainer!

1. Add a new autumn heartbeat game, and come with her in this season, come and see!
2. Newly tested the copy of the temple, the new training system, the strength of the elves is once again improved, and the pockets are rising again!
3. Add mega elves and flash elves: mega bag dragon, mega wrestling eagle, flash big milk can, Arora small boxing stone
4. Add regular moves: snowfall
5. Add a new move: Emperor Luca exclusive skills – super time backtracking
6. New features: drinking milk
7. Added carrying items: mad shark saw and crown of the emperor.
8. Add a search box to the tree fruit and props interface for easy searching.
9. Accumulated sign-in and change to a freely-selectable reward mode, reaching a certain number of days, you can choose the reward you want.
10. When the collection room clicks the close button, it bounces back to the original business card.
11. Reset the exchange to keep the sprite ball type.
12. The wizard property panel has been added to view the detailed description.
13. The Buka store adds a one-click purchase button.
14. The horns that can be synthesized in the synthetic interface of the sacred beast are topped.
15. Participating in the guild hot spring egg can also be completed when participating in the guild.
16. Heterogeneous wormholes can place multiple sprites into the wormhole at once.
17. The PP increasing agent can be used in multiples at a time.
18. I added a common sprite tag to my home, and set the common sprite to be topped.
19. When you try to purchase the number of purchases, you can choose whether to use the coupon or diamond.
20. The guild contribution panel adds information to the guild members to participate in the previous round of guild wars and guild wars.
21. The hunting ground adds a button to view the list of non-hotspots.

This game is an Android Game with Chinese. It’s An Online Game!



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