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Pocket Duel

Name: Pocket Duel – 口袋决斗
Created by: 深圳市土星网络有限公司
Source – credit: https://sj.qq.com/myapp/detail.htm?apkName=com.tencent.tmgp.kdjd
Classic reproduction, the original version of the original ultra-high popularity pocket mobile game “Pocket Duel” is coming! The new popular elves, the Hega frog, the dark super dream come, armed with super equipment! Inspire the trainer to fight infinitely! Rune fusion! Unlock the strongest hidden power! New version, new experience, rich gameplay, online, join the adventure now! What’s new: The new version debuts! New gameplay, new optimization!

1. The new elf first-class god – dark super dream, Jia He frog small wisdom version Qi Qi debut!
2. Trainer equipment – to enhance the various attributes and combat power of the elves in the player team, trigger potential attributes, and the combat power is soaring!
3. Rune fusion system – randomize a certain number of low-level runes into high-level runes;
4. First-level god flash elves debut, exclusive features super cool skills! 5. Optimize the game experience, play more smoothly, and help to play!

This game is an Android Game with Chinese. It’s An Online Game!



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Download Pocket Duel v1.7.1 (APK -Back Up)

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