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Pokemon Rose (GBC)

Name: Pokemon Rose (GBC)
Remake by: MajinCubyan
Based on: Pokemon Crystal
Source – credit: https://hax.iimarckus.org/topic/7640/
Pokemon Rose takes place in the Tsuji region. Pokemon from all regions seem to migrate to Tsuji, which is why it’s known as the crossroads of the Pokemon world.
Various ruins pepper the three peninsulas, some having chambers that have yet to be explored for hundreds of years, with unknown treasures and secrets hidden within.
The resident Professor, Maple, tirelessly studies the ruins and Pokemon migration and what possible relationship they may have to each other.
You’ve recently moved from your home in Kalos with your parents and moved in with your grandparents in Minut Town. What adventures await you in this diverse and mysterious land?
You’ll meet countless friends and rivals along the way, some new and some familiar. But all is not well in Tsuji, a villainous group known as Team Eternal has appeared,
with a particular interest in the ruins and the Pokemon they are dedicated to. What is their intention and what can be done to stop them?

-253 Pokemon; many replacements
-Fairy type
-Expanded and custom tilesets
-Different attributes in blocks
-New trainer classes
-Physical/Special split
-Infinite TMs
-Running shoes
-Save delay removal
-ATMs in PokeMarts



Download Pokemon Rose (GBC) (Demo)

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Download Pokemon Rose (GBC) CIA (Demo)

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