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Pokemon Fire Red ReImagined

Name: Pokemon Fire Red ReImagined
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Misledangel
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10050978#post10050978
Pokemon Firered ReImagined or PFRI for short is a hack of “Pokemon Firered V.1.0”.
The hack follows the same story as the original Pokemon Firered, though the
Sevii Islands portions of the game has been removed so the hack goes upto the
Pokemon League, hence He hasreduced the max level cap to 60 to keep things balanced.


The hack in simple terms features Regional a Pokedex of 151 Pokemon from across different
generations, and Yes! they are all obtainable having said that the game does feature one
Fakemon, even though its obtainable it is not registered in the Pokedex and is quite hidden
it’s there just as a tribute to one of my other favourite games. The hack is also fairly
harder than the base game and expects players to properly Ev train their Pokemon and those
of you wondering No, He has not fiddled with base Ev yields and they should match with the
“base games”.

The hack also hosts loads of new features and quality of life changes which you
may read about below.


Physical/Special Split
New moves and abilities.
Removed Badge boosts.
All Pokemons Obtainable before the Elite Four.
Battle Mode is set only.
Disabled Item usage during battles.
Gym Leaders and Pokemon League use Pokemon with proper Evs Distribution. (hence they are much more challanging now, yet fair)
No refrences of Pokemon not in the game. ( This includes even graphical things such as slot machines or diploma)
Properly Decapped the whole hack including menus and things missed in MrDs Rombase.
Fixed most bugs with MrDs Rombase regarding moves, included in the hack. ( Thanks to Leon’s Rombase )
Running shoes from the start, along with indoor running.
Black / White Repel system.
Improved Graphics.
Offical battles (Gym Leader / Elite 4) have a Mugshot Intro.
8-Bit Music.
High quality Pokemon cries
Updated Trainer Sprites.
Ev Cap per stat is now correctly at 252, max obtainable Evs are still capped at 510.
Trainers have fairly accurate overwolds.
Some Pokemons have recieved custom sprites, recolours, redesigns.
Nature coloured stats on summary screen.
Stats grading on summary screen.
Removed the unnecessary tutorials.
Updated “every” section of the Pokedex for the new Pokemon.
Ev/Iv Display.

New Items
Wide Lens
Choice Scarf
Power Weight
Power Lens
Power Bracer
Power Belt
Power Band
Power Anklet
Relic Crown

Refined Movesets
He has refined movesets of all Pokemon to suit the new level
cap along with giving them access to certain moves which
previously required stressing on evolving Pokemon at the
right level or the move was exclusive to being a Move tutor
move , TM or was an egg move. Having said that he has usually
refrained from giving Pokemon access to moves they have no way
of obtaining, aside from very few cases. Don’t let this
change discourage you from playing the hack though since, He has
provided a text file in the download that includes all Pokemons
Movesets, Base stats, Location, Evolution and even Held items.


Notable Changes:
Pokemon Changes
Mew :
Attack Nerfed from 100 to 70.
Sp.Attack Buffed from 100 to 120.
Speed Buffed from 100 to 110.

Ditto :
HP Buffed from 48 to 96.

Gyarados :
Type Changed from Water / Flying to Water / Dragon.

Evolution Changes
All Pokemon evolve via stones , Level up check provided document for details.

TM Changes
The amount of obtainable TMs is now 20, which He has picked after much consideration.

Location Changes
Cerulean Cave is now accessible after obtaining the EarthBadge.

Ember Spa moved near the entrance to victory road,
hence it’s accessible after obtaining eight badges.
Rock Smash may be obtained from an NPC here.
Move tutor that teaches starter thier strongest move also resides here.

Move Relearner moved with the Move Deleter in Fuchsia City, He doesn’t cost anything

Move Changes
Transfrom is now a Priority Move.

Blast Burn Base Power nerfed from 150 to 130 but doesn’t require recharge.

Frenzy Plant Base Power nerfed from 150 to 130 but doesn’t require recharge.

Hydro Cannon Base Power nerfed from 150 to 130 but doesn’t require recharge , and is now Physical.

Blizzard / Thunder Accuracy buffed from 75 to 85.

Rock Smash Base Power buffed from 40 to 90 , PP Nerfed from 15 to 10.

Waterfall Base Power buffed from 80 to 95 , is also now a TM.

1.1 Bug Fixes ( Typo Fixes in Document and some in game)
1.2 Bug Fixes ( Warden not accepting Gold Teeth )
1.3 Mew not obeying bug fixed , along with trade oddities.
1.4 Added Post game event

The update should work with your previous save files!

This patch adds the final event of the hack, you may access the event by interacting with the Pokemon League Trophy ( in Red’s room , after defeating the Pokemon League )



Download Pokemon Fire Red ReImagined v1.4 (Completed)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–

Download Pokemon Fire Red ReImagined v1.4 CIA (Completed)

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