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Pokemon Demon King

Name: Pokemon Demon King – 魔王乱入-口袋妖怪
Created by: 霍尔果斯古趣网络科技有限公司
Source – credit: https://sj.qq.com/myapp/detail.htm?apkName=com.tencent.tmgp.xxhy.pokemon
Mega super evolution, the elves turned into a high! Orthodox Restoration Pocket Mobile Games “Devil’s Into” Elf Mega form is officially open, and now your elves can gain more powerful power through Mega evolution, as well as new styles, moves and features. Come explore the mysterious land, collect the Mega evolution stone, and inject super energy into your elf! Depart from Zhenxin Town, accept the wild elves and even the legendary beasts, and compete with the trainers from all over the country to experience the most gorgeous 3D elves. When the newcomer logs in, he will send the card to the beast and participate in the “Poseidon Advent” event to receive the beast of the beast!

3D free big map, classic world new experience
Reproduce the classic elf world with 3D perspective, the picture upgrade experience is better! You can freely explore, play, or capture elves on the big map! The unique follow-up system allows the elf partners to walk hand in hand with you, as well as a variety of gorgeous elf mounts, even if you are alone, you are not alone!
All-generation elves assembled, super-god beasts for you to choose
From the most classic Royal Three to the latest beast, the whole generation of elves are on the line, character, characteristics, skills and other perfect reproduction! You can capture the desired elves according to the illustrations, challenge the trainers, or try magical gashapons. You can get powerful elves in a variety of ways. Update: There is no update description for this time.



Download Pokemon Demon King v1.1.0.9

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