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Pokemon Los Origenes

Name: Pokemon Los Origenes
Remake by: Elite4
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-36570/pokemon-origenes-beta-0-5-a
After the multiple defeats Verde (Rival de FR), this little by little was filled with more bitterness that grew to become hatred towards everything that surrounded him, one day while traveling he met a mysterious being who gave him a gift. map, a glove and a black pokeball like the night, at first I hesitate to take it but after his mysterious friend told him that he was only a poor loser, he got angry and challenged him to a pokemon battle making his first mistake , Verde released his 6 pokemon at once but was defeated by a single blow by the pokemon of the dark pokeball, and after that he accepted the gift by making his second mistake.

The dark pokeball filled it with dark power consuming every feature of humanity, then opened the map and inside it there was a note that said: this power you feel is only a small part if you want the power to master it all you must seize the amulets of the Chaos pointed out on this map, you already have the glove of chaos. Now you just have to do the following ………… ..

Every 100 years a strange cave appears on the Top of the MT. Destination known as the cave of the final challenge, the guardian who protects the cave does not let any mortal enter since the cave reflects the destiny of the one who enters: past and future.

But according to legends, with the power of the sacred talisman and its 8 fragments blessed by the 5 elementary protectors, it can open the path that leads to the MT. And the guardian will let you in, since only the possessor of the sacred talisman can withstand the challenges of the guardians and finish before the cave disappears and be locked in it for all eternity.

And get the power to dominate the World …

New Sounds.
New Enemy Band: The Forsaken.
Duels with the duo of Jesse and James.
The Dex is updated automatically.
Events to get different Pokemon: Normal, Variacolor and legendary.
New Region
Green is not the rival of this version.
Final Zone: The Cave of the Challenge.



Download Pokemon Los Origenes Beta 0.5 (Beta)

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Download Pokemon Los Origenes Beta 0.5 CIA (Beta)

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